New Pikmin 3 Deluxe Gameplay Shows Off Switch Updates, Story Mode, Bingo Battle, And New Controls

Nintendo is finally pulling back the curtain on Pikmin 3 Deluxe, as it presented a deep dive into the upcoming title during its latest Treehouse Live.

During its showcase, we got an extended look at the game’s updated Story Mode and new control options for the Switch, including motion controls. There’s also a fun Camera Mode that lets you take pictures from the viewpoint of your tiny adventurers. Another new addition is the Hint system, which gives you a bit of guidance if you get stuck during some of the more difficult missions. There’s also a lock-on feature to help target objects in the environment.

A fun new game mode was shown off on the Switch for the first time, called Bingo Battle – a 1v1 competitive showdown. Each player starts with five Pikmin and must complete tasks to fill up their Bingo Board as quickly as possible. It’s a cool inclusion for a game that is traditionally a single player experience, and is likely to add a ton of replayability to the upcoming title.

Beyond that, if you’ve played any of the older Pikmin titles there probably wasn’t much that surprised you during the showcase. However, one of the more impressive aspects of Pikmin 3 Deluxe is just how beautiful it looks running on the Switch – you can check out the new footage below:

Pikmin 3 first released seven years ago on the Wii U. The third title in the beloved franchise was well received by critics and even put up impressive sales numbers – despite only being available on the less-than-popular Wii U. Nintendo’s decision to give the title a second life is great news for anyone who never got around to picking up the title in 2013 and, with all the new enhancements for this Deluxe version, even fans of the original will find something new to keep them entertained.

One of Nintendo’s more unique series, Pikmin stars Alph, an astronaut that has crashed on a strange planet inhabited by Pikmin – bizarre plant-like animals that Alph must work with to fight enemies, solve puzzles, and hopefully reunite with his lost crew. It’s a fun mash-up of real-time strategy, action, and puzzle games, and there’s not much else like it on the market. It’s bound to be an instant hit when it finally crashes onto the Switch later this month.

Pikmin 3 is scheduled to release on October 30. It will included all the DLC from the original Pikmin 3, along with a new difficulty setting, side missions, and a co-op mode. A demo will also be available on the eShop later tonight.

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