New Sonic Frontiers Video Shows Off Speedy Open-World Traversal And Puzzles

Sonic Frontiers will still feature plenty of Sonic’s signature speed, but it’ll also have tons of space to explore, enemies to fight, and even puzzles to solve. That’s according to a brand-new trailer that just dropped courtesy of IGN.

In the seven minutes-long trailer, Sonic is transported to a mysterious island in a shower of purple effects. First proceeding with caution towards a towering structure, we discover that Sonic Frontiers will have plenty of springs, bumpers, speed ramps, and of course, golden rings. But there will also be additional collectables such as purple coins, strange spiky objects, and shimmering hearts that might indicate Sonic having some sort of health bar.

For traversal, Sonic can burst his way to top speed at the press of a button, but he can also climb walls, grind down rails, and spin dash straight down in order to stop on a dime. You won’t necessarily want to run at max velocity all the time, however, as certain areas of Sonic Frontiers will present the blue blur with puzzles that speed alone can’t solve. One puzzle tasked Sonic with figuring out how to activate individual tiles without backtracking, while another tasked him with spinning a hamster wheel to activate some sort of underground sensor.

Sonic can also run rings around certain ancient artifacts in order to activate them–something that was also featured in yesterday’s teaser trailer. Only in the teaser, Sonic’s ring-making maneuver catapulted an enemy robot into the air and shorted-out an antagonistic ball of robot eyes. Sonic can also spin attack as well as punch and kick enemies.

We still have no idea where Sonic Frontiers takes place, who the bad guy is, and just what Sonic can do to get home. It seems like investigating these mysteries will play a large part in Sonic Frontiers’ gameplay.

Sonic Frontiers is due out sometime this holiday season.

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