New The Last Of Us Part 2 PlayStation 4 Theme Has A Unique Secret Feature

The Last of Us Part II may have been delayed, but that won’t stop eager fans from looking forward to the release of the game. The PS4 exclusive title promises to be one of the most anticipated releases of 2020, and as such, the expectations for it are high, especially with how well The Last of Us did.

In the meantime however, fans can grab a nice little gift for themselves that relates to The Last of Us Part II. To be more specific, a new The Last of Us Part II theme for the PS4 has been released which players can download right now for their consoles. The theme itself isn’t just an ordinary theme that some may expect, however. In fact, the new theme comes with a nice little secret that may prove to be an interesting surprise.

Here’s what sets this theme apart from others — it actually undergoes a change when the system’s clock goes into nighttime mode. During daytime hours, the theme will show Ellie leaning against a tree and playing her guitar. When the system’s clock shifts to nighttime hours, Ellie will lean against a tree with a blade in her hand while a group of people are searching for her.

Not that many PS4 themes come with a nice little touch. Sure, there are dynamic themes that loop like GIFs, or themes that change from one image to another whenever a player switches between dashboards, but this one comes with its own unique take and how it works.

For those who wish to download the new The Last of Us Part II theme for their PS4, there are two different codes meant for different countries:

Americas: 4FMP-BBNM-J5L3

Europe/AU/NZ/Russia/Middle East/Africa/India: 9DEK-PKNG-N445

The Last of Us Part II will release on May 29, 2020 exclusively for the PS4. As stated earlier, with how much information has been currently shared about the game, and how much information is left to share, saying fans are hyped would be an understatement. Nonetheless, the game promises to set the bar high upon its release and wow critics and gamers alike.

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