New World beta end date: When does Closed beta end, full Steam release start?

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The New World beta has become the latest smash-hit on Steam, with the game reaching 200,000 concurrent players.

And even with reports of some graphics cards being bricked, this hasn’t stopped New World from becoming the next big MMO launch.

It’s always hard to say how long something will keep its popularity and if it will prove to be just a flash in the pan, but there are still a lot of gamers interested in trying the New World beta out.

The good news for those who have been checking out the New World test this week is that there is still time to join in.

The easiest way to play is to pre-order the game via Steam or Amazon, with the game currently priced at $39.99.

Players who preorder on Steam will automatically receive access to the Closed Beta, while pre-orders on Amazon will receive an invite up to 48 hours after order confirmation.

You can also get a chance at playing New World in beta for free by signing up on the official website, with Amazon confirming this month:

“Players are eligible to participate in the Closed Beta through three methods: you can sign up for the chance to get into Closed Beta from this page, or you can pre-order the game on either Amazon or Steam to secure access.

“We will randomly select participants from the tester sign-up page at regular intervals throughout Closed Beta. If you’ve signed up, be sure to check your email throughout the testing period to see if you receive an invite.”

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The New World Closed Beta end date has been scheduled for August 2, 2021 on Steam.

The good news for gamers in the UK is that the New World beta is ending very late in North America, meaning that technically, it will be running an extra day in Europe.

The official New World Beta end time has been set for August 2 at 11:59M PT, or 7:59am BST on August 3.

More news is expected to be shared by the development team ahead of the final beta dates.

And for those waiting on the final game launch, Amazon has confirmed that gamers won’t be waiting long to jump back in.

The New World release date has been scheduled for August 31 on Steam and will include the full experience.

The only downside is that this week’s Closed Beta will not be saving any progress, meaning anything you achieve will not carry over into the full experience on August 31.

Amazon is also hosting an event during the New World beta which will be easy to watch on Twitch.

The Battle for the New World is ongoing, with Amazon telling gamers this week: “The New World Closed Beta has arrived and the competition is heating up.

“Watch your favourite Twitch Streamers from around the globe as they reach the shores of Aeternum and fight for control of the land. They’ll strive to complete a list of objectives to earn points for their team, constantly battling to stay at the top of the leaderboard.

“Battle for New World will run throughout the entirety of Closed Beta, from July 20 – August 2. Over that time, each Faction will be competing to make sure they emerge victorious.”

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