New World’s European Servers Return And Accidentally Gift Players 300,000 In Gold

New World’s EU Central servers have returned after a tumultuous day. At issue were hundreds of thousands of gold that was accidentally gifted to players after Amazon decided to give back some of the taxes taken for the past month. A recent update reduced those taxes and Amazon rightly decided it would be prudent to return those funds to players, considering most have been complaining about sky-high taxation for some time.

However, Amazon goofed the gift. Instead of giving players a few hundred, maybe a thousand gold, many of them received upwards of 300,000 gold, according to PC Gamer. And as anyone would after receiving such a windfall, almost every player who received that gold spent it pretty much immediately.

"As soon as we realized the error we took the EU worlds offline at 3:00 PM CET to diagnose what could be done to correct it," explained New World developer Lane in a forum post. "Upon examination, it was clear that there was no clean path to reversing only the players who were granted money, as the secondary effects were widespread and involved many more players and systems."

The only solution, according to Lane, was to take the entire server offline and roll everything back to just before the gold was injected. The EU servers have returned, but not without some issues.

First, some players who tried to transfer servers just before the rollback are now being greeted with "character_restore_failure" when they try to log in. Amazon said that issue should be fixed, but if not to please reach out.

And second was the trading post, which is still down. "The trading post contracts take longer to address than character or company data," explained Lane, adding in a later post that some items might appear to be lost but should be restored when the trading post comes back online.

After generating a ton of interest on launch, things have sort of fallen off the rails for New World. An economy in shambles, an overly grindy update, and a Steam rating that has fallen from "mostly positive" to "mixed." One wonders if Amazon is about to shut down yet another nascent game.

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