Next Battlefield Game Could Be A Hero Shooter According To Insider

Battlefield 2042 hasn't turned out to be quite the map-changing hurricane everyone thought it would be. The game was mired with bugs, glitches, and balancing issues at launch, which saw its review scores plummet to the level of becoming one of Steam's worst reviewed games of all time. As it stands, its reviews are Mostly Negative, with only 34 percent of 66,488 reviews being positive. It's no wonder then that the next game in the series could be something vastly different.

According to Tom Henderson, whose reports have often been spot on, the next game in the Battlefield series could be a hero shooter, akin to Overwatch and Apex Legends. "The next Battlefield title is scoped as a hero shooter of sorts – It's not a removal of specialists, but an enhancement of them," tweeted Henderson. "#Battlefield2042 has always been intended to be a stepping stone to a "hero shooter" with a Battle Royale – It was just executed poorly."

"It should be said to take with a grain of salt, of course, but given that I heard about this stuff last week and with all of the announcements the past couple of days, it makes perfect sense," he continued. "BF 2042 did change direction early on, but I can't see them changing it?"

This time around DICE included specialists in Battlefield 2024 instead of generic class based characters. As Henderson said, this does seem like a step towards the hero shooter formula as it's not hard to see the devs drill down on the character specialisations and release a steady stream of heroes in line with the formula.

The recent appointment of Respawn's Vice Zampella will hopefully mean that Battlefield 2042 will start shaping up to fan expectations. He has specifically been brought in to take charge of the series, and will perhaps have a hand in making the transition to a hero shooter.

Another recent addition that DICE was looking to make was none other than Father Christmas himself. A recent leak revealed that Santa Clause was going to come to Battlefield 2042. Fans weren't too happy about the idea of the "Father Winter" skin for Boris, resulting in DICE shelving it for now.

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