Next Naughty Dog game has dragons and unicorns in it according to fan theory

New posters spotted in the Last Of Us remake have some fans thinking they’re a tease for a new fantasy game at Naughty Dog.

Aside from the Last Of Us multiplayer spin-off, Naughty Dog hasn’t made it clear what its next major release will be.

Obvious assumptions include a Last Of Us 3 and Uncharted 5, both of which Naughty Dog itself has hinted at in the past. However, they’ve also said it could be an entirely new IP.

Following the launch of The Last Of Us Part 1, some fans are convinced that in-game posters are secretly teasing a future game, specifically something fantasy themed.

The posters in question are believed to be brand new, as they don’t appear in the original PlayStation 3 release or the PlayStation 4 remaster, and include a dragon, a flying Pegasus, and a woman wearing medieval fantasy style clothing.

What gives this theory some credence is that Naughty Dog has done this kind of thing before. In Uncharted 3, you could find a newspaper with a headline about a deadly fungus, which in hindsight was foreshadowing the first Last Of Us.

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