Nier Director Yoko Taro And Producer Yosuke Saito Are Working On Two New Games

Famitsu and V Jump just hosted a year-end celebration with special games industry guests on Niconico for premium users, and two of those appearances included Nier Automata director Yoko Taro and Producer Yosuke Saito. The iconic duo had a message to share and casually revealed they’re working on two new games.

End of the year talks from creators in Japan have divulged plenty of new exciting details on titles in the works, but now Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito are sharing a bit of their own news. In the latest Niconico stream featuring the pair, Taro explained that both he and Saito have teamed up for two more titles with no release dates just yet. Saito mentioned that for one of those titles he only begrudgingly agreed to come on board, it took an hour-long presentation from Yoko Taro to get him to work on the project.  He noted that if the ability to quit was there, he definitely would.

The game Taro and Saito had already agreed to that didn’t take any convincing is the first they’ll be releasing, and the one Saito dreads comes later. There are no details just yet on what either project will entail, but we can assume fans of Taro’s work will have a bit of time to wait as he has other releases in the pipeline.

Right now, Yoko Taro’s next entry to the Nier universe is preparing to launch in Japan in the form of a mobile game, Nier Reincarnation. The game will launch with beloved Automata characters making an appearance for its first crossover collaboration, and you can even listen to a few tracks from Reincarnation now. No news just yet on when the West can expect to play, but Square Enix has confirmed the mobile game will make its way to smartphones in Europe and North America.

There’s also a remake of the PS3 installment to the Nier series, Nier Replicant, on the way next year.

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