Nier Replicant: 9 Memes That Will Leave You Crying With Laughter

Nier Replicant has 2D and 3D exploration, pessimism, twisted morals, and nihilism all over the story. It’s meant to make players feel sad and introspective, the gameplay is not very forgiving, the RPG elements are somewhat complicated and demanding, and yet the games have been more and more successful.

This is why Nier Replicant has such weird memes. In order to enjoy this twisted sense of humor, players have to have that one thing that makes them tick when playing Nier games. And generally, they are the only ones who are able to laugh at such memes. Here are few such memes that fans are sure to love.

9 We Want The Van

It is sad how such a great game with such extensive lore can be unsuccessful to a point that it has the producers worried about expenses. Either way, Yosuke Saito made sure to add a joke with a good mood to the statement made regarding his worries about the success of Nier Replicant’s Remaster.

It is a fair concern. Nier Replicant was not one of the most successful nor most critically acclaimed games of its time. But it is also true that Yoko Taro’s games are weird and Nier Replicant might have been ahead of its time. Emil’s head sticking out of the van was just an amazing touch from Reddit user u/C4ptaiN_MR412, though.

8 The Feels When You Enter A New Area

What happens when players get their hands on a game with constant nihilism, philosophical debates about humanity, morally grey situations, and an amazing soundtrack? Nier Replicant not only has a great story, but it also has many different areas with impressive music that are meant to provoke an emotional reaction. Reddit user u/Zombizzzzle is not alone on this.

The thing is, they do provoke such reactions. So much so that it is quite easy for players to just stop and chill in certain areas while being overwhelmed by emotions that the music makes impossible to hide.

7 This Is Too Much

It is so hard to make someone believe that this game is as deep as it is. It might be the skeleton companion who has the voice of a little boy. It might also be the sword-wielding girl in extremely revealing lingerie. It most likely is both of those things and more.

Either way, truth to be told, Nier is one of those franchises that can make players second-guessing the meaning of life, their morals, and the reason behind their existence. Reddit user u/Sleepy_Moon_Bear’s meme is very accurate when depicting Nier fans.

6 It Is Going To Hurt Anyway

Yoko Taro knows how to make players feel bad and beg for more. This is an art that only makes people respect the man even more. Either way, if going for a Nier Game, players have to be ready. No matter the path taken, pain and nihilism await. Reddit user u/Instalock_Wraith was able to capture the feeling perfectly with this meme.

After mass extinction, twists that make players feel worst, and even making players kill beloved characters, one can only wonder what Yoko Taro plans to make for his next game.

5 A Perfect Character

It is obvious that Reddit user u/IllustriousOffer’s meme is not a representation of his opinion only. Kainé is a beloved character and people love her very much for several reasons. She is a badass who curses a lot and has an attitude that only makes her even more fun to have around.

Kainé has a sad backstory that only justifies her behavior, and has so many nuanced details about what she is and how she became this half-shade warrior that it is hard not to appreciate this amazing character.

4 Weiss Is Too Honest

There are many side quests in Nier Replicant. Many of them are way too silly. Being the players that we are, most side quests will be done. Although players generally accept silly quests, their minds do not always agree with the action taken. That’s when Weiss comes along.

This grumpy book will always say what is in the player’s mind although they do not heave the heart to deny. In all honestly, many times players are just afraid of losing any reward that might come with a quest. Still, Reddit user u/star_rekt nailed the feeling with this meme.

3 Yoko, Don’t!

Players who came to Nier Replicant’s remaster after Nier Automata were traumatized by everything that happened in that game. This understandably made them afraid of what could happen at the end of Nier Replicant. Funny enough, there was a similar feeling for those who went from Nier Replicant to Automata.

Reddit user u/ValeWeber2 was right to be afraid of what would happen at the end of the game. It might not take Yonah away clearly but the game gives players enough information to remind them that Yoko Taro does not believe in happy endings.

2 It Is Not Like There Is A Good Ending

After playing enough and understanding enough about Yoko Taro’s games, reality hits hard. Reddit user u/ChiralCrystal’s meme perfectly summarizes what it feels like to play a Nier game. No matter what you do, the feeling, in the end, is of emptiness, sadness, and weird gratitude for experiencing the story.

The twisted sense of humor that one must have to laugh at a meme like this is very fitting to those who keep playing Nier games even though they know exactly what to expect.

1 An Unintentional Reference

We can thank Reddit user u/Chardzmetal for this light-hearted meme for a change. This is surely a funny break from Nier’s usual sadness, nihilism, and tragedy. In fact, this is one of those things that players can giggle forever about as soon as they see a tavern’s sign in the game.

Once Bender’s face is seen on the sign, this just becomes one of those things that can never be unseen. It would be funny if there was a mod that could make it real. Even better if there was a mod that would add Bender as an NPC, just for the lulz.

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