Nier Replicant DLC "4 Yorha" Leaked On Microsoft Store, Includes Costumes And Weapons From Automata

A Microsoft store page has let slip that there’s some launch day DLC available for Nier Replicant in the form of outfits and weapons from Nier Automata.

The store page in question – which can still be viewed on the Microsoft storefront – shows the two main characters from Nier Replicant in clothing incredibly similar to the clothes that 2B and 9S wear in Nier Automata. The description of the DLC titled “4 YoRHa” reveals that it contains four costumes and four weapons from Nier Automata, but doesn’t go into what these costumes or weapons actually are.

Strangely enough, the DLC listing also states that “4 YoRHa” is free downloadable content, although the store listing requires you to redeem a code. It’s very likely that this DLC is just a little extra freebie for people that purchase the game. Recent titles like Yakuza: Like A Dragon have included free costume packs for people who pre-order, and this store listing is likely something similar.

In fact, it was recently revealed by Nier producer Yosuke Saito when Nier Replicant went gold that the team was just waiting on the approval of some free DLC. At the time, Saito didn’t mention what the DLC could be, but thanks to the slip-up from Microsoft it’s almost confirmed to be a little costume pack that fans of the series will get a kick out of.

Nier Replicant – or to give it its full title, Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…- is a remaster/remake of the original Nier. The game’s convoluted title reflects the fact that the game isn’t quite a remake or a remaster, but something in between. Western fans of the original Nier will have likely played Nier Gestalt, the version that portrayed the protagonist as the father. Nier Replicant is instead a remaster/remake of the Japanese version of Nier which has you playing as the son instead.

Nier Replicant releases in just under two weeks on April 23rd and will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and will be playable on next-gen systems via backward compatibility. If you’d like to learn more about Nier Replicant, you can read our preview here.

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