Nier Replicant: Master of the Southern Plains Quest Walkthrough

Nier Replicant is full of lots of optional quests, many of which have some rather worthwhile rewards. The game features two parts that are split with a time skip, and most of the quests from Part One become locked out once you progress into Part Two. However, Part Two adds a whole range of new quests to earn some extra gold.

One of the more lucrative quests available in Part Two is the “Master of the Southern Plains” quest. However, a lot of players are having trouble tracking down the shade they need to kill in order to complete this quest. We have a full walkthrough right here for you.

How to unlock the Master of the Southern Plains Quest

You can accept the “Master of the Southern Plains” quest by speaking to the postman in the Post Office in Seafront in the location shown above. This quest becomes available in Part Two once you have freed Kaine from her petrification.

The postman will tell you that a large shade has been plaguing the Southern Plains and asks that you defeat it.

Where Can I find the Master of the Southern Plains?

The Master of the Southern Plains spawns in the open area just north of Seafront, however, it only spawns during cloudy weather. It should not be mistaken for the large shade that can sometimes spawn in the northern open area of this map.

Firstly, you need to make sure it’s cloudy weather in the Southern Plains. If you enter the plains and it’s not cloudy, you can change the weather by zoning out of the area. Some players believe this only works if you exit from a different exit than the one you entered. For example, if you came into the plains from Seafront and it’s sunny, leave the plains by going into Nier’s village and then come back into the plains for a chance to change the weather. Other players have stated they have never had a weather change from exiting/entering from the village. So getting cloudy weather can take multiple attempts.

Once you’ve got cloudy weather, if the Master of the Southern Plains isn’t there, you can zone into the same place that you came from and then return. If the theory of weather changing is correct, this should ensure that the weather stays the same but respawns the enemies on the map. Normal armored shades also spawn during cloudy weather, so keep going in/out of the plains to check for the Master of the Southern Plains.

You’ll know when the Master is around as the other shades that usually appear in the same area will not have spawned. You can’t see the Master straight away when approaching from Seafront, so make sure you run forward a bit to see if he is really there.

This is a tough shade, so watch out for his AoE attacks and make sure you evade them to avoid some hefty damage. Once defeated, return to the postman to receive your 30,000 gold reward.

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