Ninja Is Taking A Break From Streaming, Loses Twitch Partner Status

Ninja has announced in an explosive end to his most recent stream that he'll be taking a break from streaming, telling his fans in the chat that he "doesn't know when he's gonna be live next."

Later in a new tweet from his personal Twitter account, Ninja simply says that he "just need[s] a break" and says that he doesn't know when he'll be back, or where. Ninja also seems to have removed his profile picture from both his Twitch and Twitter account and has changed his name to "User Not Found" on the latter. It was also found later that Ninja also seems to have lost his Twitch Partner status, although the reason why is still yet to be revealed.

As for why the break is happening, Ninja was pretty deep into a streaming session until an opponent in Fortnite rifted away from him, a thing players can do to essentially teleport away from enemies about to kill them. After the player Rifts, Ninja sits there quietly for 30 seconds before launching into a rant about rifting and quits the game, explaining that he needs to take a break from streaming. It's unlikely that the rifting itself caused his break, but it could have been the trigger after a series of recent unfortunate events.

The more cynical of his fans believe that Ninja is attempting to drum up hype for a potential switch from Twitch to YouTube Gaming, albeit in a very dramatic way. Ninja has been very clear that he may not return to Twitch when his break is over, and the streamer losing his Partner status for seemingly no reason does support this theory.

The streamer also posted a tweet a few hours before his latest stream that "big things are coming," although didn't actually announce anything particularly groundbreaking. If a switch is coming, we can likely expect an announcement from Ninja and his camp fairly soon.

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