Nintendo Switch 2 release date update: Pro and Portable models launching SOON

Nintendo appears on the verge of announcing two brand new Switch models.

The Nintendo Switch 2 was rumoured to be announced during the E3 2019 Direct conference.

Unfortunately, however, the new Nintendo Switch didn’t materialise, although this doesn’t mean a new console isn’t on the way.

In fact, fresh reports from the Wall Street Journal provide further proof that two new Nintendo Switch consoles are coming soon.

Reports suggest that Nintendo has moved Switch production from China to another location in Asia.

The transporting of facilities is reportedly due to trade issues between the US and China.

But most interesting of all is the report that two new Nintendo Switch models are in production at the new location.

With the new console announcement skipping E3, perhaps we’ll get a reveal and release date closer to Christmas.

According to a previous post on the Wall Street Journal, one of the new models will be a portable-only handheld.

Launching at a cheaper price point, the handheld Switch is said to omit the vibration function and won’t come with detachable Joy-Cons.

It’s described as a follow-up to the Nintendo 3DS.

The post also suggests that the Nintendo Switch 2 – or Nintendo Switch Pro – will launch as a premium alternative to the regular Switch.

The upgraded console will reportedly come with an improved processor and a higher resolution touchscreen.

Hopefully it will launch with increased internal memory, because 32GB clearly isn’t enough!

The success of the Nintendo Switch has seen an increasing number of publishers port their titles to the device.

This includes triple-A blockbusters like The Witcher 3, which will take up 32GB of storage when it comes to the Switch.

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