Nintendo Switch OLED can’t do 4K but its dock can

While the Nintendo Switch OLED Model isn’t any more powerful than the original, a YouTuber claims its dock can support 4K.

Back when the Nintendo Switch OLED Model was first unveiled, Nintendo clarified that it has the same specs as the original model. While it does boast some unique features and improvements, like the larger OLED screen, it’s ultimately no more powerful than the standard Nintendo Switch or the Switch Lite.

However, one YouTuber, Nintendo Prime, has apparently discovered something very interesting about the new dock which comes with the OLED model.

According to his findings, while the console itself doesn’t support 4K resolution the dock technically can. This is because the OLED model has a different HDMI cable, which Nintendo Prime believes could be an HDMI 2.0 or higher, as opposed to the original’s HDMI 1.4 cable.

He also studied the chipset in the dock’s HDMI port and found it to be HDMI 2.0 compliant. But since the Nintendo Switch itself can’t support 4K, what difference does this really make?

Nintendo Prime theorises that the dock will be re-used for a future Nintendo Switch revision, one that supports DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling), the image upscaling technology made by Nvidia which is used in a number of PlayStation, Xbox, and PC games.

There’s no benefit in the theoretical support right now, although the dock does also have an Ethernet port for wired internet connections – which the earlier models do not.

If you feel that’s important Nintendo has told Digital Trends that the OLED model’s dock will be sold separately, although only via Nintendo’s online store.

There have been recent rumours that Nintendo has supplied 4K development kits to developers, which in turn only further supports the constant rumours and speculation surrounding the fabled Nintendo Switch Pro.

Nintendo itself has emphatically denied the existence of any such hardware, but then it has a long history of denying rumours even when they’re true – as was evidenced only this week with the revelation that the OLED model’s Joy-Cons are improved from the early iterations.

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