Nintendo Switch Rumours: SNES Games Are Coming

The current service allows players to play online, gives access to an ever-growing number of NES titles, and even lets you download Tetris 99 for free. It’s fairly cheap, but it also feels quite lacking. 

What many people want is a return to the Virtual Console, which is Nintendo used to offer as their digital back catalogue. 

Rather than getting games by subscribing, Nintendo would just put classic games up for sale. Now, these prices were rarely cheap, but if anyone knows nostalgia, it’s Nintendo. Those of us who love them were stuck paying obnoxious prices for games we’ve bought and played several times before, but we still want the chance to play them. 

If the extension of the online service means we could see other generations of Nintendo games added into the mix, all included in the current price, then the number of people subscribed to the service would probably skyrocket. Basically, I really want to play SNES, N64, and Gamecube games on the Switch, and I am willing to sacrifice a bit more of my money to make that happen. It’s a sentiment shared by fans far and wide. Clearly, we have more money than time and more sense that either of those things. 

Being a fan is hard, but it’s worth it because we get to play games. Or something. 

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