Nintendo Switch Sets Sales Record By Topping The Charts For The Fifth Year In A Row

The Nintendo Switch and PS5 shared the honors for best-selling console of 2022. PlayStation's console brought in more money, while the Switch sold more units. Since more Switches were sold than any other console last year, Nintendo has set a new record for the most consecutive years for one console topping the sales pile.

John Welfare's post details the best-selling console every year going back to 1998. The stats show the Switch has now been the best seller for five straight years. Outselling its rivals every single year since 2018, the year after it launched, the Switch is the first console to have topped the charts five years in a row.

A couple of heavyweights have almost achieved the feat in the past, both of which just go to show how much of a behemoth the Switch continues to be for Nintendo. Prior to the console's reign at the top, the PS4 had been number one for the previous four years. Nintendo almost set the five-years running record via the DS in 2010. However, its four big years were broken up by the Nintendo Wii in 2008.

The Switch's lifetime sales have unofficially moved it up to third in the all-time best-sellers charts, leaving the aforementioned PS4 and Game Boy in its wake. The only two consoles left for it to conquer are the DS and PS2, both of which sold more than 150 million units before being replaced by the next big thing. PlayStation's best-selling console only topped the annual chart three times, taking a two-year break thanks to the popularity of the Game Boy Advance.

The most impressive thing of all about the Switch's continued dominance is the arrival of the PS5 and Xbox Series X in the middle of its five-year reign at the top. PlayStation appears to be under the assumption that its console shortage is now over which might mean it finally makes it to number one in 2023. Either that or the Switch will build on its record and make it six years on the bounce 12 months from now.

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