Nintendo To Host A Smash Ultimate Pyra And Mythra Live Stream Next Week

Smash Ultimate players will get a better look at Pyra and Mythra next week via a live stream hosted by Masahiro Sakurai.

Last week, Nintendo opened its Direct by revealing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate next DLC character will be Pyra, who will also be able to transform into Mythra. Other than that, not much has been revealed about Smash’s new character. That will change on March 4, 2021, when Masahiro Sakurai will host a 35-minute stream featuring Pyra and Mythra Smash Ultimate gameplay.

A stream in which a new fighter gets an in-depth breakdown has become par for the course at this point. The video will demonstrate Pyra and Mythra’s move sets, as well as any other details Sakurai thinks players will want to know about. The day on which Pyra and Mythra will officially be added to the Smash roster will also be revealed during the stream.

What Smash players should not do between now and March 4 is speculated as to whether a new character will be revealed at the same time. The odds of that happening are slim to none. Not only does Nintendo not announce new Smash DLC right after the reveal of a new character, but it also doesn’t do so during a video dedicated to a character that hasn’t even become playabale yet.

Pyra and Mythra fill the fourth of six slots that make up Smash Ultimate’s second fighter pass. Min Min kicked things off, Minecraft’s Steve came next, and then Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7. There are two more spots up for grabs, after which that’ll be it. Sakurai has already said that this fighter pass will be the last for Smash Ultimate. He has also said no future games will boast a roster as expansive as this one.

The reaction to Pyra and Mythra’s reveal falls somewhere between the universal excitement of Banjo and Kazooie’s addition, and the collective “meh” that followed Hero’s. The Xenoblade Chronicles characters will look a little different in Smash than they do in their home game. Both Pyra and Mythra have had some of their bare skin covered up to make them more suitable for the younger demographic Smash Ultimate attracts.

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