Nintendo To Start Production On Switch Pro This June According To New Report

A new report claims the long-rumored Nintendo Switch Pro will begin production this June and will offer up a 4K display when docked.

Nintendo followed up the continued success of the Switch by releasing the Switch Lite in 2019. A portable-only version of the console with a slightly smaller screen. It has long been rumored that the next addition to the Switch family will be a Switch Pro. Bloomberg now claims to have confirmed those rumors, even revealing when the console will go into production.

According to the report, Nintendo will begin production on the Switch Pro this June, with a goal of getting the first batches to assemblers the following month. It has also revealed a number of details about the still unconfirmed upcoming console. As expected, the Switch Pro will support a 4K display when docked. However, it will stick with 720p when in handheld mode, the same as a regular Switch.

Apparently, the reason for this is to extend the battery life of the Switch Pro when not docked. Despite it having the same resolution as its older sibling, the Switch Pro will reportedly have a slightly bigger screen. A seven-inch Samsung OLED screen. For comparison, the regular Switch has a 6.2 inch LCD screen, while the Switch Lite’s screen is 5.5 inches wide and also LCD.

Despite the bigger screen, the report suggests the dimensions of the console will be roughly the same as a normal Switch. As for when Nintendo will confirm a Switch Pro is on the way, you might have a wait on your hands. Despite asking developers to make games 4K-ready, Nintendo has continued to deny that any such console is in the works.

Should production on a third type of Switch really get underway this year, it would further solidify the belief that Nintendo could take the Apple route when it comes to its consoles. Experts have predicted that Nintendo will simply release updated versions of the Switch from now on rather than create an entirely new console from scratch. It works with iPhones, and with a console as popular as the Switch, it might work for Nintendo too.

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