No Man’s Sky: A Guide to Breeding Your Companions

No Man’s Sky just released its newest update that is centered around the fauna of the game. The companions update now lets you bring your favorite discoveries on space journeys with you. All you need is to make a few creature pellets, feed an alien that you like, and then register them in the companion menu. From there on out, your new friend will be able to travel through the vast parts of space with you.

Players will also be pleased to know that they can breed their favorite creatures to create babies or even take the egg to the Space Anomaly for genetic altering. That means that players can genetically engineer adorable wonders or create monstrous nightmares.

How To Breed In No Man’s Sky

Breeding creatures in No Man’s Sky is actually pretty simple, but there are a few things that players are getting hung up on. First, only creatures that have been befriended can be bred. Players won’t need to worry about getting two of the same creature, though, as even single males can lay eggs on their own. This is perfect for players who don’t have the nanites to unlock another companion slot yet.

Companions will also need to be on a planet with compatible conditions to the one they were first found on. If the planet is too hot, cold, or radiated, then they won’t be able to lay an egg. Next is the biggest hurdle — companions can only lay a single egg every 24-hours of real-world time. This means that after obtaining a companion, you will need to wait for the egg timer to hit zero to breed them.

Eggs On The Anomaly And Trading Eggs

Once the option to lay an egg lights out, the process goes pretty quickly and the new egg will stay in your inventory until you choose to hatch it. Like with breeding, an egg will also take 24-hours to hatch. For players who want something a bit different from their current pet, they can summon the Space Anomaly and head to the new egg sequencer.

Players who want to experience something entirely new should try trading with other explorers. By trading eggs from different planets, players can obtain even more unique companions to travel with and modify.

Egg Sequencing

When you get to the space anomaly, head to the right side and up the ramp. The upstairs room will now have the sequencer in the corner. Selecting the sequencer will bring up an interactive menu that helps players alter their egg. This is where the process is going to get a bit more complicated for most players.

The sequencing menu will look like this:

The top spot is where you are going to put your egg; the four slots below it are for items. Every item you add in or take out is going to alter the genetics of the egg. Below each slot is the dosage; as can be seen with the star bulb, the dosage is over which makes the egg unstable. You will need to keep in mind both the dosage and type of items you are using to modify your egg. Here is a breakdown of the four categories:

  • Growth – Underdosing will make the creature smaller while overdoing will make them grow larger. Players wanting a huge creature should try to raise the dosage as high as possible
  • Splitter – This will directly affect the animal’s anatomy; going over or under the dose will change the companion’s proportions
  • Dye – This will change the color of your companion. Like with the other categories, the dosage tells you how stable the coloring will be
  • Neural – This affects the temperament of your creature. Increasing the dose will make their primary trait stronger while decreasing it will make the trait weaker

Once you are done processing the egg, you will receive the modified version back in your inventory. Players will need to experiment with different elements to see how they react with the egg. Luckily, you can also pull in stored items from your ship to broader the experimentation base.

After you are done, you will need to wait another 24 hours for your egg to hatch. Once this time period has passed, ensure that you have an extra companion slot free and go to your inventory. Select the egg and then press hatch to see your newest friend.

Raising Your Companion

Hatching an egg is just the start of the breeding journey. The alien you hatch will likely be pretty small and is considered to be a baby in the game. This means that you can’t just go riding your new friend around as soon as they are born. You will need to carry your companion with you and interact with them as they grow.

Like with your regular companion, you will need to pet and feed creature pellets to the young aliens. Reports from players seem to indicate that companion growth time will vary. Some creatures are able to mature in just 24 hours while some can take full weeks to be able to lay eggs. Be sure to check in with your baby regularly to feed them and give them the attention they need to stay happy.

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