No Man’s Sky Player Discovers Merged Planets (And Yes, You Can Jump Between Them)

No Man’s Sky contains a literal galaxy full of things to discover. There are billions of planets and star systems that await discovery. In fact, one player discovered two planets that had merged together; and yes, you can jump between them.

No Man’s Sky was initially criticized for over-promising and under-delivering on what the game would contain. Many found that it was largely empty space with very few distinguishing characteristics from one area to another. However, thanks to a few updates, the galaxy in No Man’s Sky has delivered on its promise of unique worlds to discover.

One Redditor found planets that were nearly touching each other, separated by just 1,000u—the game’s measuring system. That’s much too far to jump between, but it does lend itself to some incredible photo ops. Of course, that discovery was somewhat overshadowed by the discovery of two planets that had generated into each other.

After posting the picture, a lot of people had questions about how it all worked. What does it look like from the surface? Can you Jump to it? Luckily, answers are free-flowing from pineapplenate and a reporter for PC magazine. One planet is the kind that sucks all of the colors out of everything and both have extreme weather patterns. This makes going between them very difficult—which isn’t supposed to happen on foot anyway.

Apparently, though, it’s as “simple” as simply walking off of the edge of one planet and falling onto the other one. If you are going to try this yourself, be warned: Pineapplenate got stuck and had to reload a save point. Other times, you’ll get lucky and land in the water just off the coast.

That’s not the only strange thing in the system though. There is a ringed planet with a moon that generated in the ring, creating a weird wall effect when you’re standing on the surface.

These things probably aren’t supposed to happen in the game. Trying to interact with them is going to present challenges that may end up crashing the game or getting you stuck underneath the map. However, it does sort of reflect what scientists think could be possible in our own galaxy. Whether this star system gets fixed or not, we’re glad that someone discovered it and posted it for the world to see.

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