No One Is Picking Crustle In Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite stats reveal that Crustle is the least pocked 'mon in the roster, with Lucario taking the top spot. This comes from data gathered from Master Rank players, looking at the picks from those in the top 100.

It's unsurprising to see Lucario is the most popular, picked by 15 percent of pros. However, it is notable that Crustle is so low, indicating that top-tier players just aren't taken in by its fan favourite skins.

Despite being in first, Lucario's popularity has actually gone down since the last time data like this was compiled, going down 6 percent. This is enough for second place Eldegooss to catch up, who currently sits at 13 percent.

It's good news for Tsareena too. The all-rounder has only just joined the game, and opens in the top 10, at fifth place. Being picked 8 percent of the time isn't bad at all when pros haven't had that much time to get used to your moveset and assess your pros and cons.

Perhaps the one to come out worse of all is Absol, who has fallen a dramatic eight spaces since last time. It looks like it just doesn't have the staying power that other launch Pokemon have. Interestingly, all of the top three were actually in the game since release in the summer, as Lucario, Eldegoss, and Venasaur look set to stay unless there's a big meta change.

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