Oblivion Mod Grants Sewer Rats The Gift Of Speech, Swearing Ensues

It has been nearly 17 years since Oblivion came out. But those who played The Elder Scrolls 4 still remember its step-out moment, its wonderfully atmospheric world, and crafted stories. The game is still being kept alive by the modding community as well. A new one involves the game's rat population.

The 'Swearing Rats' mod replaces the sounds of all the rats and gives them the power of speech except the rats are speaking with the voice of Miss Peggy, who was pranked using a Duke Nukem soundboard back in the early 2000s. The rats are some cussin', cursin', sweary rodents courtesy of this Oblivion mod, which was uploaded by DavaScript.

The mod takes the audio from the prank and gives it to the rats making them seriously angry sounding. "This is just a silly mod that I made out of boredom," DavaScript writes, on the mod's page. "This mod replaces the sounds of all rats in the game with the legendary raging voice of Miss Peggy."

"If you don't know who Peggy is, she is a woman who was pranked by a Duke Nukem soundboard on the old Ventrillo platform in the early 2000s. Till this day, the prank is considered to be one of the funniest events of internet trolling, and it even inspired new quotes for Duke Nukem to be used in the game 'Duke Nukem Forever'."

You can watch a video of DavaScript's mod in action above, featuring the cursed rats, while they even link to a YouTube video of the original prank on their mod page. An abundance of mods exist for many of the Elder Scrolls games, with Oblivion and especially Skyrim being popular among the modding community.

Meanwhile, a huge undertaking is under way as a team of non-professional game programmers are seeking to recreate the entirety of Oblivion using the Skyrim engine. The title is called Skyblivion and the project's lead recently uploaded a video announcing when they expect the game to launch. Fans will have to be patient as they expect Skyblivion to launch in 2025.

As for Swearing Rats you can find DavaScript's modification over on Nexus Mods here.

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