Obsidian’s Pentiment Launches November 15

Obsidian's intriguing narrative adventure title Pentiment has revealed its launch date, and players will be able to get stuck into murder and mystery this autumn as it arrives on Xbox and PC Game Pass and Steam on November 15.

We at TheGamer are very intrigued by what seems like a highly original game from the RPG experts over at Obsidian. Here's what the game is about: Players take on the role of an illustrator who over two decades and more is drawn into investigating a series of murders at Kiersau Abbey.

The devs were inspired by paintings from the early modern era when it came to designing the game's art style and the narrative adventure is sure to offer a diversity of options when it comes to exploring the story. Previously, one of the game's senior devs Josh Sawyer spoke with TheGamer about Pentiment.

Sawyer has said that Pentiment, which is set in 16th century Bavaria, will have light role-playing elements and a branching narrative. "I had a girlfriend who was super excited about Night in the Woods," he told TheGamer's features editor Andy Kelly. "I played it and I was a little surprised, not in a bad way, of how you just kinda vibe in it. You walk around and chat to people and do little minigames and go through a story. I thought it was cool and I loved the art style."

Sawyer then went on to play Oxenfree and other games with a focus on narrative, distinctive art direction, compelling characters, and minigames to break up the story, and decided he had to get in on the action.

Players will have a few months yet to wait to get stuck into Pentiment, but now they have a specific launch date to mark on their calendars.

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