Ocarina Of Time Dank% Blindfolded Speedrun World Record Beaten

When a game has had a speedrunning community for a while, the main categories become so well-optimized that huge time saves are impossible to find. Due to this, fans have to find other ways to test their skills, often coming out with new categories with different completion requirements, and perhaps even a different ruleset. However, this niche category from the Ocarina of Time community has to have them all beat.

YouTuber Bubzia has just shared a run in the Ocarina of Time Dank% blindfolded category, which yes, is a real thing that exists. In just 12 minutes and 57 seconds, Bubzia made his way through the fan-favourite Zelda game without sight, with the main objective being to pull off a glitch that makes it looks like Link is smoking weed. This is a time save of a staggering 12 minutes from the previous world record, and isn't too far off the record in the main Dank% category, where speedrunners play without a blindfold.

Bubzia goes over the full run in the video, breaking it down for anyone who wants to give it a go. The aim of the game is to successfully pull off a glitch that replaces Link's Ocarina with a stick that's been ignited. As you can see at the end of the video, it makes it look like Link is smoking perhaps the best-rolled blunt of all time, thus giving the run its name: Dank%.

Bubzia, of course, takes the run to the next step: doing it all blindfolded. This means being able to memorize the exact inputs needed to get Link where he needs to be, and pull off the glitch that creates the all-important blunt.

It's wild to see how Bubzia, without being able to see, always seems to know exactly where he is in the game. Although this does come after honing his skills for some time, also holding world records in blindfolded Super Mario 64 speedrun categories. He shows no signs of slowing down too, and it remains to be seen what other speed games he can dominate without looking at the screen.

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