Oddworld Soulstorm: Where To Find All Keys

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  • Copper Square Key
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  • Copper Triangle Key
  • Silver Square Key
  • Silver Round Key
  • Silver Triangle Key
  • Gold Square Key
  • Gold Round Key
  • Gold Triangle Key

There are nine keys that you can find in Oddworld Soulstorm. These keys unlock corresponding lockers, which contain better than average loot. You can look at all of your keys by pulling up the crafting menu and tabbing over to the tools and keys menu.

Copper Square Key

The Copper Square Key is in The Ruins stage (Level 2). In the cave where you learn to use IED Stun Mines, the key will be on a Slig. Make sure you pickpocket the Slig to get this key.

Copper Round Key

The Copper Round Key is in the Sorrow Valley stage (Level 5). When you first cross the valley in the trolley, use your chant to possess a flying Slig and break down the wooden structure in front of the secret area entrance below.

In this secret area, you will find this key on a Slig, so make sure to pickpocket them all.

Copper Triangle Key

The Copper Triangle Key is in the Phat Station stage (Level 6). This key is in the first building, head to Tank Row 1. The key is on a sleeping Slig, so stealthily pickpocket them.

Silver Square Key

The Silver Square Key appears in The Hijack stage (Level 7).

After you defeat the mini-boss, search the corpse of the nearby Slig.

Silver Round Key

You can find the Silver Round Key in the Slig Barracks stage (Level 9). After you take the elevator down to the Furnace/Maintenance section, head right towards Maintenace.

Climb up to the section here. Knock out the scaffolding with Fizzy Pows.

Knock out the Slig pictured here and pickpocket them to get the Silver Round Key.

Silver Triangle Key

The Silber Triangle Key is on The Mines stage (Level 11). The key is in the Power Station 2A area.

Once inside, look for the sleeping Sligs pictured above. Make sure they stay unconscious and pickpocket them to find the Silver Triangle Key.

Gold Square Key

You can find this key on the Escape stage (Level 13). You can find the key on the Minigun Slig in the second holding pen 2 area. Knock out this Slig and pickpocket them to get the Gold Square Key.

Gold Round Key

You can find the Gold Round Key on the Feeco Depot stage (Level 14). You can find this key in Workzone 1. It is on the Slig controlling the electrical gate. Knock the Slig out with a Bouncy Candy. Disable the gate. Then open the door above the Slig using the lever above them.

Pickpocket the Slig to get the Gold Round Key.

Gold Triangle Key

The Gold Triangle Key is in the Brewery stage (Level 16). You will find this key on the Minigun Slig that appears at the X-Traktor 4 gate. This Slig will come down on an elevator by the yellow gate pictured above.

You can save six Mudokons in this area. Knock out the Slig and pickpocket them to collect the Gold Triangle Key. Then quickly take the elevator up to avoid oncoming guard dogs.

That is every key in Oddworld Soulstorm. You can now open any lock!

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