Of Course Someone Has Built Helm’s Deep From LOTR In Valheim

If you give video game enthusiasts with a penchant for architecture a new world-building platform, then you can expect a replica of every known structure in history to show up eventually. One franchise that is frequently used as a source for magnificent builds is The Lord of the Rings, and now someone is rebuilding the entirety of Helm’s Deep in Valheim.

Following in the footsteps of Minecraft, Iron Gate’s Valheim has become the new expanse to build anything you deem fit for display. One user built a port in the game with a functional bridge designed to hold carts and allow longboats to pass.

These creations make exploring the game that much more exciting, because you never know what you’ll run into. In case your exploration goes on longer than expected, another user even built a sundial so you can tell the time on your adventure. While these feats are impressive, their scale is no match for this new creation.

YouTuber PepsiDrinker has released a three-minute video showcasing their recreation of Helm’s Deep, complete with the Hornburg. The in-progress build is already somewhat of a masterpiece, and the video’s sweeping overhead shots and close-ups of particular sections deem the build fit for any battle in Valheim – should one arise.

The creator confirmed that they used the “Forever Build” mod to create Helm’s Deep, which allowed for the game’s height restrictions to be bypassed. PepsiDrinker also revealed that the inner circles of Helm’s Deep had to be built twice because of their complexities, and the creator is also considering rebuilding the outer wall again too.

Helm’s Deep is the grand stronghold from Tolkien’s fantasy epic, featured in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The magnificent stone fortress was used as a sanctuary for the people of Rohan, as King Théoden and the men of Edoras, the Elves of Lórien, and Aragorn and friends united to battle Saruman’s Uruk-hai.

Helm’s Deep is not the first recreation of a structure from The Lord of the Rings, as another user has successfully built Sauron’s Tower as well. The monolithic Barad-dûr – which holds the Dark Lord’s fiery, all-seeing eye – is another jaw-dropping build within Valheim that has to be seen to be belived.

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