One True King – New Organization Founded By Twitch Streamers Asmongold, Mizkif, And Esfand

One True King, or OTK, is a new organization aimed at building a network of like-minded content creators. Based out of Austin, Texas – prominent Twitch streamers Asmongold, Mizkif, and Esfand are helming the organization; joining them are Rich Campbell and TipsOut. “We came up with this idea of making an org, and building the org around our friends – building the org around friendship in general.” Asmongold stated in the announcement.

Although these five are acting as the organization’s founders, OTK has plans to expand their roster. “We’re part of a network of, in my opinion, the most talented and creative streamers on Twitch – and by coming together – we’re going to be able to make some of the best content on Twitch, YouTube, and beyond,” Esfand told TheGamer.

The announcement videos were posted just this afternoon on the official OTK YouTube channel, highlighted by Asmongold on his Twitch stream.

For those interested in keeping up with announcements, the following are OTK’s official social links:

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  • OTK Homepage

The organization has already recruited one full esports team, which will be announced on Mizkif’s Twitch channel tonight.

However, OTK isn’t necessarily an esports organization, so to speak, but rather a network of talented content creators who have a desire to collaborate. The conglomerate has a strong background in World of Warcraft, but OTK isn’t interested in confining their content or members. Esfand elaborated, “This isn’t just a WoW org. While some of us do come from World of Warcraft, we see OTK as more of a media production company and lifestyle brand as opposed to being confined to any one game or section on Twitch.”

In many ways, OTK is designed to break the mold. Gaming organizations are typically structured around their competitive esports rosters, often picking up content creators to accompany the brand. OTK is reversing this approach, putting emphasis on their roster of livestreaming talent instead. “I really trust these guys. Everyone has worked really hard to get here and they’re all amazing streamers,” Mizkif commented on the subject.

Considering the founders’ current outreach alone, OTK may immediately be the largest organization on Twitch regarding audience; their average concurrent viewership on Twitch is nearly 70,000. Coupled with a steady growth of new members – OTK is poised to be a massive presence in online content creation.

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