Our Favorite Games of E3 2019

Before we put E3 2019 completely in the rearview in favor of getting lost in the workshops of Super Mario Maker 2, we wanted to take another look at some of our favorite games from this year’s expo.

Of course, these are only a few of all the great stuff we saw this year, so be sure to check out all our E3 coverage here.

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Watch Dogs Legion

Kudos to Ubisoft for taking a big risk and doing something with this franchise that will really set it apart from every other open-world crime spree game. Being able to peek into the lives of every civilian I passed on the street was already a cool detail in Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2, but being able to use that information to recruit them and eventually play as them (and get them permanently killed) is super innovative and exciting.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

It would have been so easy for Square Enix to take a ‘deluxe remaster’ approach to Final Fantasy VII and just remake the 1997 original exactly as it was, but with modern graphics and sound. Instead, the studio has redesigned almost every element of the game, creating something entirely new that also hits the name narrative and plot beats as the original. It’s a fantastic reimaging of that world, and it feels great to play. The E3 playable demo is an enhanced version of the first boss battle against the Guard Scorpion, but I’m really excited to see what entirely new elements they’ve added to the city of Midgar as a PS4 game.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

My many questions about Gooigi and his hold over Luigi’s spirit aside, I really had a blast with the return of this spooky, unique franchise in this Nintendo Switch game. The promise that each level of Luigi’s Mansion 3’s hotel setting will offer a unique aesthetic, imaginative ghosts, and plenty of collectibles to track down could make for a delightful adventure. The demo on hand at E3 2019 allowed Luigi’s personality to shine through (despite all of the flashlights at play), adding a welcome bit of levity to the proceedings, and a host of new abilities make the ghost hunting feel so good and more robust than it has in the past.

Hollow Knight Silksong

Nintendo came out with a truckload of unexpected news – but to not only find out that Hollow Knight Silksong was “coming soon”, AND was playable at E3 got me freaked out. What I played was everything I wanted out of a sequel, with some wild new twists on combat mechanics that had me rethinking my strategy in a boss battle that had me on the ropes. Can’t wait to explore more forgotten bug kingdoms!


After hearing there was a new build of Tunic on the Microsoft stage I snuck in a few moments to play. The charming world is accompanied by an equally cute protagonist who goes adventuring and looking for trinkets to overcome the obstacles of the land. The area opens with barriers in place and while you can explore, you’ll find yourself looking for tools that can help you tear each of them down.

The island area looks small, but in truth, it’s quite expansive with a dungeon-like tomb, outdoor section, and doors which require boss keys to enter. Upon finding tools you can equip them to the button of your choice. You start with a stick, good for the easier enemies like the jellies, but in this version you’ll quickly find the iconic Sword and Shield to take on the boss from the most recent trailer. After solving puzzles that teach you core mechanics, you meet the sentient stone attacker who’s fast, and will deplete your stamina in seconds as you’ll need to dodge his three quick swipes that take up a third of the screen. The battle is intense and if it’s any indication of what we can expect then I can’t wait to see what else is in store. Tunic hits all the beats for Legend of Zelda fans and it’s going to be a game to keep an eye out for once we know a release date.

Doom Eternal

Doom 2016 is one of my favorite shooters of all time, and after playing just 30 minutes of Doom Eternal, it’s hard to even go back to 2016 without the myriad of improvements that Eternal makes. The added focus on mobility is a complete game changer, and takes an already fast and frenetic shooter and straps rocket boosters to it. On top of that, the addition of the shoulder mounted flamethrower that causes armor to spawn when you kill enemies with it, along with the ability to gain a super powerful melee attack after glory killing three enemies, adds extra strategic layers on top of all the skill based shooting. Doom 2016 didn’t need a lot of tweaking, but all of the areas that could have used a bit of a tune up seem to have been addressed in Eternal.

Cyberpunk 2077

I played The Witcher 3 late, but boy was it worth it when I finally did! That pedigree alone made me really excited for Cyberpunk 2077, but everything I saw just got me more excited. Not only am I excited to experience some truly f*d up stories and characters that CD Projekt Red does oh so well, but I can’t wait to have a new game to benchmark my PC versus my friends. Gear up Kyle, cause the ray-tracing future’s so bright, we’re gonna need shades! I reckon I’ll be enjoying some amazing Cyberpunk mods for years to come. Game of Show. (nobody tell FFVII I said that.)

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