Outriders: Archways Of Enoch Expedition Guide

Outriders has 14 unique Expeditions for players to farm, granting powerful epic and legendary gear if completed in a short timeframe. Completing these missions quickly is key to obtaining a Gold rating, providing the best rewards.

Archways of Enoch is one of Outriders’ easier Expeditions. It’s a rather long mission due to the obelisk section, but this mission only has three main encounters instead of the usual four or five. If you’re new to Expeditions or enjoy fighting Beast enemies, this Expedition might become one of your favorites. Here is a complete guide to the Archways of Enoch Expedition in Outriders.

Completion Times And Enemies

Completion Times

  • Gold: 15:57
  • Silver: 22:56
  • Bronze: 29:55


Forest Beasts are the only enemies you’ll fight in this Expedition. Brood Mothers, Alpha Perforos, and Maulers are all common enemies in this mission. Crowd control and a DPS build are highly recommended.

Opening Encounter

No enemies will spawn until you interact with the switch near the center of the arena. You’ll be rushed by Perforos on all sides. These enemies are easy to kill, but take note of where they’re spawning from. If you’re in a team of three, you can easily spawn kill most of the enemies during this part.

A Brood Mother will spawn shortly after you kill a few Perforos. They love to pounce on you if you keep your distance, so it’s best to stay close to their leg. Try to damage its heart to kill it quickly.

Maulers will spawn soon after, inflicting Toxic if their projectiles hit you. They can also stagger you with their ranged attacks, so stay close to them. Once they’re dead, run to the newly opened gate at the other end of the arena to reach the next section.

Defend The Obelisk

After a brief cutscene, you’ll be tasked with defending an obelisk against waves of Beasts. The obelisk will slowly sink into the ground, revealing the exit once it sinks mostly into the ground. You must stay near the obelisk to make progress. If enemies get near you, the obelisk will stop moving until you deal with them.

For most players, this will be a lengthy section comprising of three waves. One of these waves will spawn a Brood Mother alongside Alpha Perforos. When that happens, it’s a good idea to walk outside of the obelisk to quickly dispatch the Brood Mother. This section will take upwards of five minutes to complete. Keep this in mind if you’re attempting a Gold completion. The next section isn’t as time-consuming, but it’s much harder.

Defeat The Behemoth Duo

Two Behemoths pose as this Expedition’s final boss encounter. Alpha Perforos and Strix are also present during this part. If you’re playing solo, take down the Strix as fast as you can. These flying bugs can easily kill you if you aren’t careful.

Defeating the Behemoths is tricky on higher Challenge Tiers but doable. Splitting them up is a good idea if you’re in a group, dividing them to each side of the well. If you’re playing solo, use a crowd control effect to give yourself a damage opening for a few seconds. Widdle down their health bar until they’re dead. If you get jumped by multiple Alpha Perforos or appear to get stunlocked, use your melee ability. You can’t be interrupted in your melee ability.

Shortly after the Behemoths are taken care of, you’ll need to kill two Brood Mothers and four Strix bugs. This is arguably harder than the twin Behemoth fight. Focus on the Strix first, slowing them from a distance before closing the gap. The Brood Mothers will spawn at each end of the arena, so try to kill them while they’re isolated. Defeat all of the enemies to finish the Expedition.

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