Outriders Demo: Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em With The Devastator

As far as demos go, the Outriders one is pretty perfect. It offers a short and sweet snapshot of the game, several sidequests, some boos fights, a feel for the looting and selling system, and the ability to transfer characters and try out all of the classes.

One of the classes that may be a bit underrated is the Devastator. Most people don’t like playing tanks or healers, seeing them as support roles that can’t really hold their own. Well, that’s not the case with the Devastator. They pack one hell of a punch and can soak up damage to ensure you can really get in the enemy’s face.

Like most Tank roles, the Devastator is designed to be on the frontlines and cause all the enemies to focus on them while your teammates flank or kill from afar. The Devastator’s healing mechanic suits this perfectly, as you get 24% of your health back for every close-range kill you get. This means shotguns and submachine guns are the weapons you should be going for. This mechanic means you can be at almost full health most of the time you’re in the middle of battle, as long as you keep getting kills.

Onto their abilities, the cool mechanic of Outriders. The Devastator utilises earth elemental damage – fitting for a walking mountain. Your melee ability will cause the ground to shake as you inflict bleed on your unfortunate foes. Bleed deals damage over time to moving foes afflicted by it.

The first ability you’ll unlock is Earthquake, it causes ripples in the ground in front of you and damages and interrupts enemies caught in the quagmire, great for bosses that can use abilities themselves.

Golem is the next ability you’ll unlock and is a real staple during the demo. It negates 65% of all damage you receive for eight seconds. It’s best to use this ability and then rush the enemy line, using your buffed state as an opportunity to weaken the enemies before you kill them to regain all the health you’ll lose once the effect is over.

Gravity Leap adds some great maneuverability to the Devastator. If you get a little too into the killing and push too far, enemies can slip behind you to start punishing your teammates. Gravity Leap allows you to leap into the air, target an enemy, and warp into them, dealing huge damage to them and any enemies nearby. This is a great way to return to your team or jump straight into the action. Combine this ability with Golem to get straight into the action and clear a room before your team can even arrive.

Reflect Bullets is the last ability you can unlock in the demo, and it’s the one that will help your team the most. It creates a barrier that – you guessed it – reflects bullets. It’ll collect and hold incoming fire for ten seconds before returning to sender. This is a great ability if your team is under heavy fire and even your Golem ability wouldn’t allow you to survive.

The Devastator really is best when you use it to really get close to your enemies. A good tactic is whittling several enemies down so that they’re almost dead, that way, you can kill them later when you need a quick health boost. Just watch out for enemies that use melee attacks, as these will stagger you and leave you open to big damage.

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