Outriders Dev Agrees Short Loading Cutscenes "Are Not The Best Solution"

People Can Fly and Square Enix launched the Outriders demo across all platforms. With the game’s prologue and first gameplay hours available, players can finally experience Outriders content and its special features. However, one mechanic has already gotten a few complaints, forcing the players to watch small annoying cutscenes every time they interact with the environment to pass through.

These short loading scenes went viral across social media. In the game, players grew tired of waiting on these small scenes designed to accompany load times, and even the Outriders developers agree with their audience. According to creative director Bartek Kmita and lead designer Piotr Nowakowski, those cutscenes are definitely “not the best solution” for travel in Outriders. But the team had to implement them due to the technical limitations and co-operative gameplay nature.

Eurogamer spoke to the Outriders team to find out more about this approach for the game’s area transitions, and it is a tricky situation. The devs admitted they needed the clips  to not only to hide additional loading but to make the transfers from one level to another smooth for all party members. The thing is, Outriders does not have dedicated servers – only P2P-connection between the players. Therefore, users will not be able to stay in the same team and on the same server if they end up in different locations.

Initially, instead of a cutscene, there was a simple screen darkening for all players in the Outriders squad while they were entering another area. However, this approach performed badly, and many playtesters complained about it feeling disorienting. If one of the players triggered the transition to another location, the other two players would teleport there. And they may not realize where they are. So, the idea of the team was to show all the players there was a transition happening.

Outriders creative director Bartek Kmita and lead designer Piotr Nowakowski agreed the idea “didn’t quite work the way the team originally planned.” The developers didn’t want to disconnect users and automatically split up the lobby every time a team member went to a different location. Without dedicated servers, they figured a few seconds of cutscenes was “the lesser of two evils”.

People Can Fly staff promised that such clips will appear less and less frequently as the game progresses. The team will try to fix the situation somehow and make the cutscenes not so distracting and annoying to players, but “can’t promise serious improvements” with only a month left to the full release.

Outriders is out on April 1 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. T

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