Outriders: Every Single Ability For The Devastator Class, Ranked

If you’ve always preferred playing as the tank in an online party, then the Devastator class should be your main in Outriders. The Devastator was built for close-range combat while being an absolute bullet sponge. As a Devastator, you should always be at the front lines to defend your allies. The abilities present in this class will make this ordeal so much fun to handle.

Just because the Devastator class is suited for a tank build, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come with powerful offensive attacks as well. The Devastator class has a couple of abilities that give you awesome offensive powers, while some also make you more durable in the field.

8 Reflect Bullets

The Reflect Bullets ability is a protection ability. Activating it will create a barrier around you that will capture all enemy projectiles. This will also accumulate the damage you would have taken if hit by those projectiles.

10 seconds after activating the ability, the accumulated projectiles and damage will be reflected back to the enemies that are in front of you. This ability also works on melee damage. The ability has a 22-second cooldown and will be unlocked when you reach level 6.

7 Boulderdash

Boulderdash is a Kinectic and Interrupt ability. This ability will allow you to dash forward, interrupting and damaging all enemies you come across. At the of the dash, you will then smash the ground and deal damage to enemies within a small radius.

This ability has a 22-second cooldown. It will become available to you once you reach level 17. To make this ability even more powerful, use mods such as Primal Constitution, Primal Armor, Primal Rage, and Primal Weakness. You can get these mods by farming and doing the other quests in the game.

6 Earthquake

The ability you can try out at the beginning of the game as a Devastator is the Earthquake ability. This Seismic and Interrupt ability will release a powerful shockwave which deals damage to enemies and also interrupts them from using their skills. The cooldown for this ability only lasts for about 14 seconds.

There are a couple of relevant mods you can use for this ability. The Blood Shock, for example, will cause this ability to inflict Bleed as well. The Armor Boost will grant you armor for every enemy you hit with the ability.

5 Tremor

The Tremor ability unlocks when you reach level 13. This Seismic ability will allow you to create a series of explosions all around you. Each of these explosions will deal damage and drain 197 health from enemies within a medium radius around you. This ability has a 22-second cooldown.

The Give Me More and Crush Sequence mods will give you a total of three additional explosions if you’re able to equip both. The Stolen Life mod will increase the amount of health you receive per affected enemy by 6%.

4 Gravity Leap

The Gravity Leap ability will unlock when you reach level 4. This awesome Kinectic and Interrupt ability will have you leaping up into the air and powerfully drop onto a target. This causes a significant amount of damage, as well as interrupting and knocking back all nearby enemies.

If you pair this ability with the Bloody Crush mod, the attack will also cause afflicted enemies to bleed. The Human Comet mod will increase this ability’s damage. Another useful mod for this ability is the Despair mod, which allows the ability to inflict 1.5x Anomaly damage for a total of 5 seconds to those hit within the radius.

3 Golem

The Golem ability is the second skill you’ll receive as a Devastator, unlocking at level 3. This ability provides you with more protection, something you’ll sorely need as a tank in an aggressive game such as this. The Golem ability will have you fortify yourself against 65% of any incoming attack for a total of 8 seconds. The ability will require a 26-second cooldown for it to be used again.

If you use the Perseverance mod with this ability, you’ll be able to increase its duration by 100%. Pair that with the Resistance mod and you’ll gain 33% more resistance while the ability is active.

2 Endless Mass

The Endless Mass ability unlocks at level 22, which makes it the final ability you can gain as a Devastator. This ability can be insanely powerful if used right. Endless Mass allows you to encase an enemy in stone, which deals damage and inflicts bleed. Once encased, nearby enemies will then be pulled towards the target. The target will then explode, dealing 435 damage to all enemies close by.

If you want to affect even more enemies with this skill, you can equip the Wide Horizons mod, which increases the skill’s radius by 25%.

1 Impale

The Impale Seismic and Interrupt ability is one of the coolest and most lethal abilities you can use in the game as a Devastator. Impale will unlock when you reach level 9. This ability will simply knock back and deal damage towards an enemy. However, if the damage dealt is lethal, the enemy will be pierced by a stone spike. This will also grant you bonus armor and health regeneration for 9 seconds.

You can even make this ability more proficient by equipping the Ultimate Impaler mod, which allows you to use the skill two more times before triggering the cooldown. You can also use the Sharpened Spike mod to increase the damage of the skill and the Spike Forest mod to strike one additional target.

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