Outriders: How To Save Your Progress

After putting hours into farming the best gear in Outriders, the last thing you would want is to lose all of your progress. Outriders doesn’t have a clear way to save the game, so many might worry that they are going to lose gear when they log out after a session.

If you’ve spent a day building the best Pyromancer class, or working through one of Outriders’ tough endgame Expeditions, then you might be eager to save before logging off. Here’s everything you need to know about saving in Outriders.

How To Save Your Progress

In Outriders, there is no way to manually save the game. Instead, the game autosaves at various points, so you can pick back up from around where you left off whenever you want.

When Does Outriders Autosave

Outriders autosaves at certain points whilst playing. In missions, the game will register an autosave whenever you place down a checkpoint flag. Likewise, your progress will be saved when you reach a hub area at the end of a mission, or when you fast travel between different areas.

However, because there’s no manual save, if you quit during a mission, you will find that you need to redo some fights next time you log on. If you quit the game in the middle of a battle, Outriders will revert you back to the last autosave.

Fortunately, there are enough checkpoints throughout the world of Enoch to ensure that you always have a recent backup to rely on.

Any changes you make to your character, such as equipping new gear, changing skills and using Class Points are also autosaved. There’s no need to worry if you’ve just spent an hour returning and reinvesting your Class Points whilst attempting to build the ultimate class. All that progress will be waiting for you next time you jump into Outriders.

Why Can’t You Manually Save

Manual saves aren’t common in gear-based games such as Outriders and Diablo 3. This is because if you could save manually, you would be able to edit those save files and give yourself better items. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the ability to manually save will ever be added to Outriders.

Fortunately, server-side autosaves means that you will always have a recent backup to rely on if your Internet cuts out while playing.

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