Overcooked 2 Free Seasonal Update Drops October 1

Ghost Town Games’ Overcooked 2 is the stress-inducing game that you can’t help but love. In fact, since its release in 2018, it has enjoyed exponential growth in popularity. The developers, for their part, have been more than happy to continue to provide content for the game, rather than creating another sequel. It is our delight, then, to report that there will be another free seasonal update dropping on October 1.

Overcooked 2 places you and up to three friends in the role of chefs, as you try and cook your way through dozens of levels. Of course, the majority of the fun comes from the fact that each level contains some absurd twist that makes things significantly more difficult. Can you cook on a ship as it rocks back and forth, sliding your cook stations around? How about a kitchen where you need to throw food from one room to another? If you think you can, Overcooked 2 is just right for you. There is so much content now that Ghost Town even found it appropriate to create a “Gourmet Edition” that contains the first five DLC packs.

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Six-course meals aren’t enough for any of us, though, because another update is coming on October 1—and we couldn’t be more excited. A teaser tweet for the update didn’t give us much information, at least not in the form of writing, but there are plenty of morsels to chew on in the short video that is attached.

It looks like Asain food is on the menu for the October update. Notes of Cherry blossom leaves, Jade dragons, lily pads, and bamboo can all be identified in the video. There is no concrete information on what else might be included in the update.

Overcooked 2 is a unique concept that we just can’t seem to get enough of. There is something about successfully defeating the clock, the environment, and your own anxiety that’s incredibly satisfying. Maybe it’s because Overcooked 2 gives us everything we love about classic games in a new and unique package. Or maybe it’s because we like to imagine that Gordon Ramsay would be happy with our performance. Either way, we’re not burnt out on Overcooked 2 just yet.

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