Overwatch 2: 10 Best Easter Eggs

Who doesn't love some Easter Eggs hidden in their games? Noticing those weird details and pondering on what was going on in the developers' heads is just a nice treat for any game. Overwatch 2 does enjoy hiding little things, some of which are so well hidden and subtle, you might wonder why they did that and how someone managed to find it in the first place. It's all part of the fun, and that's what matters right?

Between skins, maps, and weird interactions, there are quite a few things to check out and have fun with. Playing the game and checking them out by yourself is always encouraged, but you can check where to look here.

10/10 Dark Souls Bonfire

A famous Easter Egg by now, but a good starting point nonetheless. In Eichenwalde, next to the second spawn area for the defenders, you can find a bonfire with a sword shoved onto it.

Aside from the cool aesthetic, the bonfire is a clear reference to the Dark Souls series, one full of sword-shoved bonfires, where you can rest and ready yourself for the easy encounters you will have with monsters in that game. And keeping with the whole rest thing, the bonfire has a large health pack beside it.

9/10 The Dog Of Adlersbrunn

During the new Wrath of The Bride Halloween event, you go to Adlersbrunn, a fictitious town from the game that is essentially Eichenwalde but with a Halloween theme. As you progress, you'll find near the end of the game a picture of a dog on the wall.

Nothing Halloween-themed or anything, making it very out of place. But what's fun about it is that you can interact with it, and the dog will bark at you depending on how you interact. You can check more information on it here.

8/10 Hammond Sings The Overwatch Theme

This one has been around for a while, since Hammond, aka Wrecking Ball, was added to the game, but it's a fun one to show, especially to newcomers. If you're attacking at Dorado, there are four bells you can mess around with; Three to the front and one on the right, and they ring whenever you shoot at one of them.

You can shoot the tunes from the Overwatch theme by shooting them in the correct order and, if you do that with Hammond specifically, he'll start singing the tune as well. From one to four respectively, the order is two, one, two, three, one, three, four.

7/10 Genji's Room

Some maps hide lore from certain characters, so it's important to keep an eye out for these things, especially if you know the character is related to the place. That takes us to Nepal, where Zenyatta resides. He mentored Genji after he became a cyborg, and he's the one responsible for making Genji accept himself. That said, Genji spent a lot of time in Nepal as well, which means he's going to need a place to crash.

In the Village area of Nepal, between the point and a huge area you can fall down, there's a room full of Genji's things. This place is often ignored since old players probably know this and also because it's in a flanking route few people take, but it is there for you to see. You can find clothes, a sword, a painting, and a photo of young Genji and Hanzo together.

6/10 Payloads And Their Content

Along with character lore hidden on them, some maps even have their personal stories as to what is going on. That is most notable with the Escort or Hybrid maps, aka maps that have payloads on them. Have you ever wondered what you're transporting, or trying to stop? Here are some examples of what you're doing lore-wise on these maps:

  • Junkertown:
    This one has a pretty funny animation that shows what is going on. All this gold comes from a robbery spree made by Junkrat and Roadhog, which they want to use to please the Junker Queen. However, there are explosives all over it, because they fully intend to blow it all up on her face.

  • Route 66:
    Technically, you're doing nothing. The cargo is a robbery from a gang called Deadlock, and the content of the cargo was actually a playable hero, Echo. However, she was saved by Cassidy, which means the payload doesn't have anything on it. You can find a short on Youtube showing such an event.

  • Hollywood:
    The "cargo" is an Omnic called HAL-Fred Glitchbot (here's an extra Easter Egg, considering his name). He is being targeted by an anti-Omnic group; One team attacks him while the other are his bodyguards.

  • Numbani:
    A removed map from the current rotation
    , its cargo changed since its release. Now, you transport unknown cargo to the museum of Numbani, which is dedicated to Efi, the girl who built Orisa. However, it used to have the mighty gauntlet known as Doomfist, and the museum was dedicated to the three men who held such a gauntlet. However, it was taken back by the third Doomfist, Akande Ogundimu, which is the "hero" we can play as.

  • King's Row:
    This one is dark. King's Row has a large underworld population of Omnics, who is seen in a negative light around there. One team, the attackers, is escorting a powerful EMP device to release in these slums, thus compromising every Omnic who lives there. The other team is trying to prevent that.

5/10 Route 66 Time

You know what it is! Back on Route 66 this time, a map that is closely related to the aforementioned Deadlock gang, led by Ashe. However, the focus here will be on the former member of the gang, Cole Cassidy.

During his ultimate, Deadeye, he says "It's high noon". What does that have to do with the map? Well, since this map has always been related to him in some ways, all clocks on the map are stuck at noon. It's always time for a shootout around here.

4/10 Widowmaker Ballet Skins

Overwatch can be quite cultured sometimes. Our favorite evil sniper, Widowmaker, was once a normal person before being brainwashed by Talon. Back then, Amélie was a ballet dancer, hence the ballet-related skins.

What you may not know is that their names, Odette and Odile, come from characters of one of the most famous ballets, Swan Lake, with Odette being a princess turned into a swan, and Odile being the black swan.

3/10 Reaper Nevermore

Another cultural reference, this time to literature rather than ballet. The Raven is a famous poem by Edgar Allen Poe and, in it, a man is driven to madness by a raven. Many parts of the poem end with someone (or the narrator himself) saying nevermore, making the word heavily associated with ravens and the poem itself.

Thus, we have a dark, raven-based skin for our favorite edge lord, Reaper.

2/10 Lucio's Mixing Table

Talk about something hidden right under our noses. In the last spawn room from Paraíso, the new Brazilian map, we start right beside a mixing table that belongs to none other than Lucio. Being the last area though, we can be so focused on the game itself that this can actually be missed, despite being right there.

There are also vinyl discs on the wall and Hockey rollerskates, as the character is known for playing Hockey too, even having skins related to that.

1/10 The Fallen Hero

On a sadder note, but one that is important to keep alive, we have a tribute to a real person on Lijiang Tower. The reference is to Wu Hongyu, a Chinese student who was rather excited about the release of the original Overwatch. He died trying to prevent a robbery, one day before the game's release.

When the devs at Blizzard heard of the story, they immortalized him with one of the astronaut suits in Lijiang Tower (hence the surrounding flowers). Above, the writing can be translated to Mercy's catchphrase, "Heroes never die".

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