Overwatch 2: Baptiste Hero Guide

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Baptiste did not receive heavy changes going into Overwatch 2 as Mercy did. Baptiste does not need any buffs or nerfs because he is a pretty well-rounded healer. The only downside to him is that you have to aim well to play him well. What made Baptiste stand out from other healers (before Kiriko got added) was his impeccable kit. The tools at your disposal when you play him offer a huge advantage to everyone on your team, including yourself.

Baptiste is by no means a hard support hero, but his kit requires being on top of your game nonetheless. Below is a detailed guide on how and when to use his abilities and what Baptiste's strengths are. Playing this support hero allows you to main heal and take down enemies with ease.

Baptiste Overview

Biotic Launcher: HitscanDeals damage as a regular hitscan.
Biotic Launcher: Heal BurstLaunches AOE healing bursts at teammates to heal them.
Regenerative BurstGradually heals yourself and those within 10 meters.
Exo BootsHold down crouch button to build up force, launching yourself into the air.
Immortality FieldThrow a device to create a force field. Teammates inside the field cannot go below 40 health during the ability's duration.
Ultimate: Amplification MatrixCreates a large window at any angle and distance, which increases damage when any teammate shoots through it.

Healing Bursts

All of Baptsite's healing has AOE. Whether you use his alternate fire or his healing ability, you will be saving a lot of people, as well as yourself, in a pinch. You'll want to use your alternate fire to heal others and your Regenerative Burst only in emergencies. If you're constantly healing yourself with this ability out of fear of dying, you're denying your second healer the opportunity to build ultimate charge off of you and others.

As with any support, you want to make sure not to overheal. This means healing every teammate to the last digit, leaving no one for your second support to heal. This is not good synergy. Both you and the other support should be able to equally build ultimate charge.

Baptiste's alternate fire has a bursting AOE effect that heals any allies within ten meters. Since this is a team versus team video game, you can see why Baptiste is one of the many ultimate choices for keeping your teammates alive. If your team stays grouped up, you'll be able to make sure no one gets to critical health. Instead of focusing healing on one person, you're able to keep the entire team alive at the same time thanks to the AOE of Baptiste's healing. Utilizing Baptiste's Exo Boots is perfect in combination with his alternate fire.

Not a lot of people utilize Exo Boots. It's not game-changing if you decide to use them or not, but the effective way to use them is to access a high vantage point. Find a good spot to stay up high where you can see all your teammates and the team fight.

From the vantage point, you can shoot your AOE healing down safely – until an enemy Pharah finds you, of course – staying alive and away from danger while still able to heal will secure your team a better chance at winning.

DPS Baptiste

Baptiste is a favorite for the fact that he can easily mow down enemies almost more efficiently than actual DPS if he decides to focus damage instead of healing. Of course, as a support, this is usually a bad idea. You are there to support and heal your team, not to kill enemies.

He doesn't have the gun for no reason, though. It's important to have a balance between helping in the fight, defending yourself, and making sure your team is okay.

Granted you aren't being targeted, you should never start fighting without it being 100 percent clear that your team does not need your support. If you have an excellent and efficient team that happens to be rolling the enemy team, all the power to you for DPSing. Utilize Baptiste's amazing damage, but the right time to use it would be when your team isn't dying.

When To Use Immortality Field

Now comes his more complex abilities. Immortality Field is hard because you find yourself throwing it down in a panic when it didn't have to be used, or your team decides to run out of the field in a panic. What is important to know is that if your enemy team is smart, they will be baiting and waiting for you to drop your Immortality Field. If you throw it down too much, they will be able to bait it out of you, which will allow them a good moment to use their ultimate ability.

Immortality Field saves your team from most ultimate abilities. Save this ability for when the enemy team uses their ultimate. You can't make your team stay inside the field, but using it at the right time is sure to keep most people alive at very crucial moments.

Projectile-based ultimates like Reaper's Death Blossom will destroy the Immortality Field disc and therefore kill everyone. Your ability cannot save you from Reaper's ultimate since he is just shooting bullets, and the Immortality Field can be broken by damage.

If you have a tank or a DPS who is absolutely decimating the enemy team and getting a lot of kills and damage, you would want to save that person any chance you get. You may not be a pocket Mercy, but you can use your Immortality Field for that person since they are helping you win the game the most. Usually, though, you'll want to save it for the enemy team's ultimate abilities.

When To Use Amplification Matrix

Just like Baptiste's Immortality Field, you can't make your team use your Amplification Matrix ultimate ability. The frustrating part of these two abilities is that in low ranks, you will find it hard to get your team to utilize these abilities. Place Immortality Field in front of your teammates when they are grouped up and after you have communicated that it is ready.

Unfortunately, Baptiste in general cannot be played to the best of his ability if his team is not cooperating. Everyone needs to be grouped up for him to heal everyone efficiently, everyone needs to stay inside the Immortality Field and not panic, and everyone needs to shoot through an Amplification Matrix for it to do anything at all.

You are able to place your ultimate and shoot through it, but it is a huge waste for you to place it in front of you and use it for yourself. Sometimes your team won't shoot through it, but if you're purposefully only placing it in front of yourself, and you know your team isn't within range of it, this is a bad play. You are wasting a huge ability for your own personal gain, which will not help the team and the objective.

It can be hard to use communication in FPS games as they are known to be one of the most toxic genres of video games, but you should text-chat or communicate your ultimate with others to use it efficiently.

The Amplification Matrix can be paired with a lot of other ultimate abilities. Some of the best are the following:

  1. Zarya
  2. Pharah
  3. Ashe (place Bob in front of Amplification Matrix)
  4. Soldier: 76
  5. Cassidy
  6. Sojourn
  7. Hanzo
  8. Moira
  9. Kiriko (fast fire rate for all + damage boost from Amplification Matrix)

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