Overwatch 2 Players Aren’t Loving The Push Maps

Overwatch 2 introduced a fair amount of changes when it launched last month, and not all of them have been popular. Controversially, all Assault maps were removed, getting rid of Horizon Lunar Colony, Hanamura, and more. In their place, we got the new Push mode and the maps that came with it.

Now, it seems like most players would prefer to swap them out for the old maps, as Push seems to be having some teething issues. As a result, players are calling on Blizzard to make changes to the maps, feeling that they're too big, and favour whoever wins the first fight.

In the Overwatch 2 subreddit, NightyCatNights says "I prefer the old mode and maps. Matches just take too long and too much walking going back to [the] robot."

Many others agree, feeling that the design of the maps is the biggest issue in the new mode. "It would be a better mode if the maps were significantly smaller," replies Newker. "Dying as a low-mobility hero on push feels awful because you have a min walk back to the action."

Others agree, with user shitpersonality saying: "It's a really weird direction for them to make such massive maps while removing 2 players from the match. Push doesn't appear to be designed for 5v5 at all."

Indeed, it can take a long time to get back to the robot if you're picked off mid-fight. To make matters worse, only the winning team can activate spawn points that are closer to the robot, making it easier for them to come back in a hurry while you try to defend the goal. Due to this, many feel that it's hard to bounce back after losing the first fight, especially in comparison to the other game modes.

However, not everyone thinks that the mode is a lost cause. "I like the idea, I just think it needs some changes to move faster," says Ass0001 "I think it'd be good if the first time you unlocked forward spawns changed the map to add shortcuts and allow for players to move quicker."

Whatever the case, Blizzard is yet to announce any changes to how Push works. It seems to have its hands full with Hero balances right now, so anyone hoping for map changes is likely in for a wait.

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