Overwatch 2 Summer Games 2023 release time, date, Winston’s Beach Volleyball

Overwatch 2 fans are counting down to the start of the Summer Games event for 2023. The long-running Summer Games event makes its debut in Overwatch 2, only this time with additional game modes and bonuses. The Overwatch 2 Summer Games event has a July 11 release date and a 6pm BST UK launch time on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch. The headline new feature is Winston’s Beach Volleyball, which joins fan-favourite game mode LucioBall in 2023.

Winston’s Beach Volleyball sees players attempt to score points by spiking a giant volleyball towards the opposition.

Blizzard explains more: “However, the fun doesn’t stop there! Winston invites you to the beach for a whole new way to serve up your favourite Overwatch heroes, in Winston’s Beach Volleyball.

“You’ll run, jump, and spike a giant volleyball toward your opponents, scoring when the ball hits the sand on! Can you beat the heat in this new game mode? Find out when Summer Games launches on July 11.”

If you’re new to Overwatch 2, then LucioBall is a 3-v-3 game mode in which players try to score goals using a giant soccer ball. It’s a bit like the Overwatch 2 version of Rocket League.

“Lucioball, a fun 3v3 sports game where teams featuring Lúcio work to score a gigantic soccer ball into the opponent’s goal, is back!” Blizzard continues.

“First to three goals wins. Try to outplay your opponents on three challenging maps with obstacles and jump pads throughout the arena!”

In addition to the game modes, Blizzard will introduce a selection of limited time challenges and rewards.

Players who complete the challenges can unlock a tropical-themed skin for Doomfist and up to 50,000 Battle Pass XP.

Additional items and summer-themed skins are also available to purchase in the item shop, including a fresh skin for Mercy that is “sure to make a splash”.

The Overwatch 2 Summer Games event for 2023 will run for two weeks, ending on July 25.

There’s a chance the Summer Games event will launch alongside a big new update, so check back later for patch notes.

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