Overwatch 2’s Next Two Heroes Will Be Supports

Overwatch 2's game director has confirmed that the next two heroes coming to the game will be Supports, and that they will have "new mechanics and really exciting ways of interacting with your own team".

Since Overwatch 2's launch, we've seen two heroes get added to the roster – Kiriko the Support and Rammatra the Tank. Although it might seem to make sense to continue adding new heroes for each different class so that all players have something new to mess around with, it seems that Blizzard is instead going to focus on beefing up just one.

During a recent interview with NME, Overwatch 2's game director, Aaron Keller, spoke about some of the team's plans for the future. Keller revealed that the next two heroes added to the game will be Supports, noting that they currently have the "least amount of choice" out of all the classes in the game.

Keller said, "We’re really focusing on supports right now – the next two heroes we’re going to be released are support heroes. They bring some things to the game that we haven’t seen before – some new mechanics and really exciting ways of interacting with your own team."

This might seem a bit unfair on Damage, which has yet to get a new hero in Overwatch 2, but anyone who's played Overwatch will no doubt tell you that Support is the least-appreciated class in the game, with the least amount of playable heroes overall, with eight Support heroes compared to 11 Tanks. Adding two more Support heroes will work towards bringing the two classes a little closer together, even if they're still miles behind Damage.

As for who that hero might be, Blizzard has previously confirmed that hints at who the next hero will be can be found through voicelines on the Midtown map and throughout Esperança. That also only gives us some hints for the next Support hero, not the one that's confirmed to be coming after, so there are still some things we'll have to wait and see for.

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