Overwatch 2’s Updated Hero Bios Are A Mess

You probably don't need to be told this, but Overwatch 2 has had a pretty rough launch overall, with players reporting crashes across all systems, queue issues, and more. One of the more surprising issues that has popped up isn't a technical one at all – it's that the character bios, lore, and overall direction of the story in Overwatch 2 have been dramatically nerfed.

Although lore has never been the main focus of Overwatch, it did have enough there for dedicated fans to follow along with, whether it be through dialogue between characters, hints around maps, or even through media outside of the games. One of the best methods for these lore drops was on the official Overwatch website, which gave detailed descriptions for each of the characters that wasn't found in the games.

Now that the official website has been updated for Overwatch 2, the bios have also been updated, although perhaps downgraded is the better word. Redditor Jewvia put together an extensive list of the problems after having waited for years to see the updated bios on the game's official website. One of the issues with the new bios is clear straight away – they've been drastically cut down. Each hero now only has one paragraph of lore to their name, along with where they're from and what type of class they are.

This means that details like each character's age and real names aren't present on the website anywhere. Jewvia points out that characters like Ashe, Junkrat, Symmetra, Tracer, Lucio, and Roadhog don't have their real names anywhere on the website, something that's especially strange considering Tracer's position as the series mascot. If you're jumping in fresh here and just getting your information from the website, you'd have no idea that Tracer wasn't her real name.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, however, as the bios aren't just small, they're inaccurate. One example is that Doomfist's bio claims that he has "mysterious purposes", but that's something that the original Overwatch already told us and is actually stated in the gameplay description on the site too. Widowmaker's bio doesn't include the reason why she became Widowmaker, only stating that she disappeared and then came back to kill her husband. Think we're missing a step there, guys.

More examples of the lore being discarded can be seen throughout a few of the other bios too, such as Pharah's retconning information we knew about the Omnic Crisis, Kiriko's bio still not making sense on the timeline and making her canonically much younger than she's clearly meant to be, and supporting another retcon that would make Junkrat a child according to The Wastelander short.

There are even more examples of these bios just being sloppily put together, as Jewvia was able to spot a fair few grammatical errors and issues. For example, Bastion's pronouns are also swapped between "it" and "he" throughout his bio, while Soldier 76's page includes the clearly-not-proofread phrase "It is known whether he seeks justice… or revenge.”

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