Overwatch Fans Want Marvel And My Hero Academia Collabs Next

Overwatch is getting its first crossover outside of Blizzard, teaming up with One Punch Man for a new Doomfist Satima skin. And while it's a hit so far, fans are already looking over the hills at what could come next, from other anime shows to Marvel superheroes.

Moira Scarlet Witch, Genji Deadpool, Soldier 76 Winter Soldier, and Thanos Doomfist are just some of the choices being thrown around on the Overwatch subreddit. It's a unique opportunity compared to other games like Fortnite, given that Overwatch has heroes, so its skins aren't characters in their own right but essentially in-universe cosplays. I.e. Doomfist is a huge One Punch Man fan. That's canon, now.

This means anyone can dress up as any character, but Overwatch fans are trying to pair equivalents. Doomfist already has a giant gauntlet, just paint him purple and duct tape some gems on there and you have Thanos. Give Reinhardt a star-spangled shield or a Mjolnir-styled hammer and voila, you've got Captain America and Thor. Stick Hanzo in some purple spandex and you've got Hawkeye. There's a load of options.

But if the Marvel fatigue is hitting you, more popular picks across the Overwatch subreddit include My Hero Academia and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. One fan, Fr3xs, even put together concept art for what JoJo skins could look like. There's Jotaro Ramattra, Hol Cassidy, Giorno Mercy, and Dio Kiriko, while commenters suggested JoJo victory poses and Doomfist as The Hand.

For MHA, fans are suggesting Reinhardt All Might, Doomfist All For One, Junkrat Bakugo, Sigma Uraraka, and Genji Iida. There are a lot of suggestions for all different shows and properties, but MHA has cropped up more than anything else. The question left there, though, is why All Might would have a hammer. Or a shield. It'd look a bit funky, but it could work.

Nestled in all of this is a worry that Overwatch will move away from original skins and shift its focus to licensed IPs, much like Fortnite – too much might drown out the unique legendaries and event-based cosmetics.

But whether Overwatch 2 does dive deeper into collabs like Fortnite remains to be seen. For now, it's a single One Punch Man-themed skin. Maybe we'll see Blizzard pull more from that world, or pull from Microsoft's library when the merger finalises as it has with Diablo and StarCraft – Master Chief Soldier 76, anyone? Only time will tell if it's a one-time thing, or if it's the start of Overwatch 2 following in the footsteps of Epic Games.

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