Overwatch Players Spend Over 30 Hours Watching OWL, Don’t Get Any Rewards

Overwatch League wrapped up its 2022 season with an incredible match between Dallas Fuel and San Francisco Shock. It all came down to a tense seventh match where Dallas Fuel came out the victors, taking home the top $1 million prize. But even if you didn’t take part in the competition, Overwatch fans could still get their own prizes in the form of Overwatch League perks.

For 2022, the Overwatch League perks included League Tokens, sprays, icons, and name cards that came after watching Overwatch League matches, but the real draw was the Overwatch League skins that were obtained for every three hours spent watching. Skins for Sojourn, Junker Queen, and Kiriko were all up for grabs, and all you had to do was link your account and watch.

Unfortunately, it seems like the Overwatch League perks didn’t materialize for some unlucky fans. The skins and other items were supposed to be delivered on November 15, but Reddit user Hohoho-you still hadn’t received their perks two weeks after the delivery date.

Worse, Blizzard Support was less than helpful in trying to track down those missing perks. In response to a service request, Blizzard customer service said, "if you still haven't got the cosmetics it means that you were not eligible." Additionally, "Customer Support is not able to verify eligibility for OWL drops and cannot assist with the issue. Have a great day."

There were a few rules regarding eligibility for Overwatch League perks, such as being over the age of 13 and not being from a few ineligible countries, such as North Korea, Sudan, Syria, China, Japan, and the contested regions of Ukraine. It’s possible Hohoho-you was from one of these ineligible countries, but it seems unlikely given their past message history.

Hohoho-you said they actually sent three different tickets and didn't receive any assistance or compensation in any of them. One actually stated Blizzard was too busy with World of Warcraft and didn't have the resources to address tickets.

Reddit users are replying with similar experiences and lamenting Blizzard's inability to address player-facing issues, especially when it comes to Overwatch League. But then again, the company is probably too busy with other, more pressing matters.

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