Parks And Rec Predicted The Book Of Boba Fett 8 Years Ago

The Book of Boba Fett isn't just a continuation of his story from The Mandalorian but a look into how he survived the Sarlacc Pit from Return of the Jedi. You know, the big sandy mouth thing that ate him? If Star Wars is known for anything, it's tying up loose ends from the '80s. But it also connects to a show from nearly ten years ago. As it turns out, the way he survived was ripped right out of a Parks and Recreations episode.

The episode in question – Article Two – sees Agents of SHIELD star Patton Oswalt standing at a podium, explaining how Boba Fett survived. He says that the camera pans from the twin suns of Tattooine to the sandy dunes of the desert, the Sarlacc barely in shot. Then, on a beat, a disembodied hand reaches out before the iconic bounty hunter pulls himself to safety. Boba Fett is alive. Sound familiar? If you've seen the episode, it's almost like Oswalt was describing it after the fact. But it's a description from eight years ago.

That is exactly what happened in the first episode. Whether it's an intentional nod to Parks and Rec or a complete accident that they predicted nearly a decade ago isn't clear, but it's identical all the same. There aren't many ways Boba could get out of the Sarlacc in fairness – his jetpack was busted and he was running out of oxygen. Either way, he was coming up through the sand or right through the mouth. The similarities are in the way it was shot and edited – his hand does come up on the beat. Although, they didn't predict him getting stripped by Jawas.

You can see a direct comparison above with Oswalt's commentary laid over top. The two are perfectly in sync, eerily so.

The Book of Boba Fett's first episode was released to Disney+ yesterday so you can catch up right now. There's a lot more to the episode than the guts of a Sarlacc, I swear.

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