Path Of Exile Gets Improvements & Bug Fixes In This Week’s Patch

Path of Exile is receiving a pretty hefty patch this week, which players will be pleased to find fixes a lot of bugs and crashes, and makes improvements to PvP and the game’s performance on Mac.

The 3.13.1e patch should automatically download and install itself when you next start the game up.

According to the patch notes released on the Path of Exile website earlier this week, you can expect around 40 general improvements and bug fixes to be implemented. Some of the bugs which have been fixed are as follows:

  • Certain monsters could be immune to damage during Ritual encounters.
  • The Do Not Disturb mode wouldn’t display announcements such as the Realm restarting.
  • Damage would be reflected to the player if Orb skills were supported with Traps or Mines.
  • Items in the Silo map could drop in an inaccessible area.

Three instances of game crashes have also been targeted.

Some small features have been added too, such as an Expand/Collapse All button to the Hideout Decorations tab, and guild microtransactions can now be added to your Watchlist.

Some improvements to the Mac version of the game have also been made. These include  fixes for bugs where Hideouts couldn’t be imported or exported, client window buttons would no longer function after attempting to import or export a Hideout, and where a client crash could occur when resizing the client window.

Finally, the following PvP improvements are included in the patch too:

  • Fixed a bug where the Duelist’s pre-made character build was incorrectly named “Whirling Blade” (now Double Strike).
  • Scorching Ray now has an attack time override of three seconds.
  • Fixed a bug where pre-made Duelist characters wouldn’t have a fully allocated Passive Tree.
  • Fixed a bug where pre-made Templar characters wouldn’t be able to equip the Firestorm gem.

Two Hotfixes have already been added too in addition to the 3.13.1e patch:

  • Fixed a bug which was introduced in 3.13.1e where some on-kill effects were not occurring with Legion monsters.
  • Fixed a bug where Ritual Vessels were sometimes unable to store the Jungle Valley Map boss, Queen of the Great Tangle.

The full patch notes for 3.13.1e can be found here.

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