PC Version Of Kingdom Hearts Series Will Have Dual Audio

For the first time in the Kingdom Hearts series, fans will be able to experience both the English and Japanese voiceover of all the games. The Epic Games Store has listed both languages on its store pages.

Eagle-eyed fan Ryusuke VA spotted the feature and shared it on Twitter. He said, “Thank Christmas, dual audio.” This move by Disney and Square Enix is unprecedented as the Japanese voice actors have never been featured in a Western product before. The only way to check them out right now is by importing a copy from that Asian region.

Soon, we’ll be able to hear Goofy go “ahyuck” in Japanese when the PC version causes a “Rowdy Rumble” for the Epic Games Store on March 30. No Steam release has been announced yet, but we’re assuming there’s a limited exclusivity on Epic’s platform. Whether or not the game’s dual audio will be coming to PlayStation and Xbox platforms with a patch is unclear.

All 11 titles from the series will be present next month from the first Kingdom Hearts all the way up to the rhythm game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory (take a look at its full songlist here). However, if you want to check them all out, it will be a costly endeavor. Each game (except 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix, which is $49.99) is priced at $59.99 individually, so if you want to experience the whole saga on PC, it will be over $200.

If you preorder Kingdom Hearts 3 (which comes with the Remind DLC), you’ll receive a special keyblade called the “Elemental Encoder,” which has a slick black and white design. The PS4 and Xbox One also had their own special keyblades that emblazoned their consoles’ logos and symbols whenever the weapon is struck. Perhaps Epic Games will have something similar.

If you want to play Kingdom Hearts 3 for the first time, thanks to the PC release, one thing we recommend is not to watch the trailers. They spoil way too much of the game, and even show the final world! The series director Tetsuya Nomura, his team, and Disney didn’t know when to stop.

The Kingdom Hearts series began 19 years ago and has since shipped over 33 million copies worldwide. We enjoyed its latest entry Melody of Memory; check out our review if you’re intrigued by a rhythm game that stars Yoko Shimomura’s magnificent soundtracks.

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