People Are Creating Sonic, Jigglypuff, And More In Miitopia

Nintendo wasn’t kidding when it said the customization options on the Nintendo Switch version of Miitopia run deep.

As the Switch continues its journey to possibly becoming the most successful console in Nintendo history, it keeps doing a number of things very, very well. One of those things is giving titles that were previously not given their just due a second lease on life. It did it with Super Mario 3D World earlier this year, and will likely do so again when the Skyward Sword port comes to the console.

What Nintendo fans would not have been expecting to get a second chance is Miitopia. The original game was released on 3DS and allowed users to play out a fantasy RPG with their Miis. An all-new version of the game is coming to Switch next month. If you’re on the fence or you have never played Miitopia before, you can download a free demo from the eShop right now.

While the demo lets you play a big chunk of the first part of the game, it shouldn’t give away much of what’s coming next, not that its story will be all that deep. What the demo does show off in all its glory is Miitopia’s extensive customization options. Nintendo had already boasted the addition of makeup and wigs, but it likely didn’t envision Switch owners getting so creative this quickly.

People playing the Miitopia demo have managed to turn their Miis into some iconic characters from gaming history, Nintendo-based or otherwise. Banjo and Kazooie can be created using the game’s customization options, as can Bugs Bunny. However, the best one so far has to be Sonic and Robotnik, which you can check out above. Miitopia appears to be an alternate universe for the pair where they are a loving couple rather than bitter enemies.

Yes, you can create these characters in Miitopia, but the Jigglypuff creation above has us wondering whether you should. Since the Pokemon’s entire body is just one round ball, the Mii is only Jigglypuff from the neck up, leading to a very creepy end result. Miitopia comes to Nintendo Switch on May 21, 2021, and the demo is available now.

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