Persona 3 And 4 Translators Have Been Left Out Of The Credits

Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden have finally come to modern consoles, but it's not a moment to celebrate for everyone. If you go to view the credits sequences of both titles, you'll find that translators for both have not been included, sparking outrage from a number of people online.

Included among these people is Katrina Leonoudakis, former localization coordinator for Persona publisher Sega. Leonoudakis has claimed that she urged the team that took over for her after she left Sega to ensure the FIGS (French, Italian, German, Spanish) teams were credited for their work on the titles. Unfortunately, it seems her pleas were ignored, as FIGS translators don't seem to be included in either game's final credits.

Unfortunately, it seems like developers being left out of credits is an almost weekly occurrence nowadays. Earlier today, The Last of Us co-director Bruce Straley called for unionization after being left out of the credits of HBO's The Last of Us television series, while Striking Distance came under fire earlier this month for leaving several developers out of the credits of The Callisto Protocol, despite some having contributed greatly to the title.

Hopefully, something can be done about the omission, and Atlus will work to credit everyone in its future games, of which there will apparently be many announced in 2023. The developer revealed in a New Year's greeting card that it has "several" unannounced projects it's gearing up to show off in 2023 besides the recently released Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden console releases. No news on whether one of these projects includes Persona 6 though, but we can hope.

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