Persona 3 Portable: Achievement/Trophy Guide

The original Persona 3 launched in July 2006 for Playstation 2, and finally, Persona 3 Portable hits current-gen consoles in January 2023, bringing the game to a massive new audience. When P3P first hit the PlayStation Portable in 2009, it had an unbelievably difficult number of accolades to unlock – 139, to be exact.

That number has been cut down to a much cooler 36 achievements/trophies for P3P’s rerelease. With the game hitting Xbox, PlayStation, Switch, and PC, you might be looking for help in finding all of your trophies for Persona 3 Portable. If so, you’ve come to the right place.

All Persona 3 Portable Achievements And Trophies

Below, you’ll find a table listing all 36 of Persona 3 Portable’s accolades.

Although you cover a lot of ground your first time through P3P, you cannot get all achievements/trophies in one playthrough.

Persona 3 Portable Achievements/Trophies


How to Unlock


The Answer to Life

Earn all trophies (Playstation only)

Triggers after unlocking every other accolade.

Monorail Inspection Complete

Defeat the Priestess

Story-related, earned by defeating the Guardians in Tartarus.

A New Persona-User

Defeat the Emperor and Empress

Hotel Investigation Squad

Defeat the Hierophant and Lovers

Bunker Debunked

Defeat the Chariot and Justice

Paulownia Mall Power Control

Defeat the Hermit

No More Bets

Defeat the Fortune and Strength

Settled the Score

Defeat the Hanged Man

To Live is to Oppose Death

Defeat Nyx Avatar

The Great Seak

Defeat Nyx

Fusion Expert

Perform 50 Persona fusions

Fuse a new Persona a total of 50 times.

Persona Memory Bank

Summon a Persona from the Compendium

Pay your Velvet Room attendant to resummon a Persona you've registered to the Compendium.

A Cut Above

Defeat Elizabeth or Theodore

Choose to start the second cycle, and your Velvet Room attendant will ask you to fight them after you finish the final, bonus dungeon.

The Reaper Becomes the Reaped

Defeat The Reaper

Stay on a floor of Tartarus until your navigation teammate warns you about the Reaper coming. When it spawns, you'll hear chains, so track it down and trigger the battle. Defeat it to earn this trophy, but be warned – the Reaper is notedly one of the tougher optional bosses in the Persona series!

That Special Someone

Enter a special relationship with someone

Begin a romantic relationship with another character. (The male MC does this automatically with each female social link he maxes out).


Max out all social qualities

Max out your Academics, Charm, and Courage social stats.

The Other Self

Awaken as a Persona-user

Summon Orpheus for the first time.

Thorough Bookkeeper

Complete the Persona Compendium

Register every single Persona in the Compendium.

True Supporter

Max out one social link

Reach Rank 10 (Max) with one of your social links.

Bond Maniac

Max out ten social links

Reach Rank 10 (Max) with ten of your social links.

Social Butterfly

Max out all social links

Reach Rank 10 (Max) with every single one of your social links.

A Pair of Wild Cards

Beat the game with each protagonist

Play the game all the way through and experience the ending as both the male and female protagonists.

One Who Has Proven Their Power

Defeat Margaret

Challenge Margaret with your best party setup and defeat her within the five phases of her battle to unlock this trophy.

S.E.E.S. the Day

Rescue a missing person.

Go into Tartarus and locate the people known to be missing inside before their deadline date. The trophy unlocks the first time you save someone, which will likely be in July.

Granter of Your Desires

Buy five things from Tanaka’s Amazing Commodities

Watch the television in your room on Sunday morning to tune into Tanaka's Amazing Commodities. You can purchase one item per week. Do this five times to unlock the achievement.

Moderate Bookkeeper

Register over 50 percent of the Compendium

Log half of the Personas available in your Compendium.

Advantage Mine

Enter a battle with Player Advantage

Sneak up on a shadow in Tartarus and hit them from behind to enter the battle guaranteed to take the first turn.

The Nose Doesn’t Always Know

Experience a fusion accident

Have a Velvet Room fusion go awry and result in an unintended Persona. The trophy unlocks the first time this happens.

Displaying Adaptability

Switch Personas five times in one battle

Change which Persona your protagonist is using five times in a single battle. This is best done with multiple, high-level enemies, as they'll take more work to defeat and offer more time to change which Persona you're using.

Going Nova

Deal over 999 damage in one attack

This is best done in an All-Out Attack later in the game, when the SEES members have leveled their Personas and are dealing high amounts of damage. Doing this one time triggers the trophy.

Skilled Commander

Perform 50 All-Out Attacks

Down all enemies on the field, and then band together with your current party members to attack together and deal a massive amount of damage.

Tactical Fighter

Exploit enemy weaknesses 100 times

Almost all enemies will have at least one affinity to which they're weak. Hit them in this weak spot to down them. Doing so 100 times triggers the trophy.

Grasping at Greed

Defeat a Golden Hand

Golden Hands appear in Tartarus, in the Thebel Block. They run away when they see you, but hitting the shadow in the back as its running triggers a fight. Win a single fight against one to earn the trophy.

Fashion Plate

Fight a battle in costume

Costumes in P3P count as armor, so equip a costume outfit into the armor slot for your protagonist and engage in battle in Tartarus. The achievement is unlocked after your first fight.

Head of the Class

Rank first in your class on an exam

Answer all the questions correctly during one of your exams, and have a high Academics stat before the exam period starts. The trophy triggers the first time you rank first on an exam, and exams happen in May, July, October, and December.

Special Fusion Expert

Use four or more Personas in a special fusion

Toward the end of the game, you'll unlock new fusion options. Use four Personas to fuse into one, more powerful Persona. This achievement is unlocked the first time you make one of these Personas.

Run through the checklist above, and you’ll have finished your achievement/trophy collection for Persona 3 Portable in no time!

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