Persona 3 Portable: How To Defeat Crying Table

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While they’re definitely not as major as the Full Moon bosses you’ll face throughout Persona 3 Portable, the blockade bosses throughout Tartarus will certainly be a real thorn in your side. Your first mini-boss fight in the Arqa block of Tartarus will be on Floor 25, and you’ll need to prepare a bit ahead of time.

With their limited weakness all but forcing your protagonist to take the lead, you’re in for a challenge when you try to get past these three. For help taking down the Crying Table mini-boss in Block 2 of Tartarus in P3P, read on ahead!

Though we’re focused on combat, our guides may still contain spoilers for Persona 3 Portable.

Crying Table Recommended Party Setup

The fight against the Crying Table mini-boss takes place on Floor 25 of the second block of Tartarus, called Arqa. The previous blockade on the final floor of Block 1 – Thebel will open after you take down the Priestess guardian on 5/9.

After this happens, you’ll receive a phone call from the Velvet Room attendant you chose, telling you that the barrier has been removed, and you can now continue on. You can then proceed up into Arqa anytime you’d like after that.

This means you may or may not have a fourth party member for the fight, depending on when you challenge Crying Table.

Recommended Level

All three of the Crying Table enemies are Lv. 14, and while they’re not the strongest shadows you’ll face, even in Arqa alone, they do have rather high magic stats. This means that their fire-magic Agi attacks will hurt far more than you expect.

It's always a good idea to keep affinities and weaknesses in mind, especially when it comes to the Persona your protagonist is currently using.

A lot of the Personas that can exploit the Crying Tables' weakness to ice will also be weak to their fire magic, so beware!

Because of these things, we recommend grinding to around Lv. 15 before attempting to fight Crying Table.

Recommended Personas

With their only weakness being ice, it’s entirely likely that your protagonist is the only one in the party who’s able to use ice magic.

However, keep in mind that Crying Table uses fire magic, which is often the element to which ice Personas are weak.

This makes it critical that you try to find a Persona with ice magic and no fire weakness.

However, due to where you're currently at in P3P's story, this is most likely easier said than done, as – at least in the earliest parts of the game – your options are limited.

Your best bet may very well be Apsaras from down in the Thebel block. It does not have the same fire weakness that a lot of early-game Personas with ice magic have, so if you can find one in Thebel, make good use of it here.

Crying Table Stats And Attacks

Below, you’ll find a list of the stats for the Crying Tables, including their affinities and skills.

Crying Tables’ Affinity Chart

Affinities and Weaknesses


















Skills and Attacks

Fire Boost

Boosts the attack power of fire moves by 25% (passive skill)


Light fire damage to all foes


Medium fire damage to one foe

Strike Attack

Standard attack dealing strike damage

Mighty Swing

Medium slash damage to one foe

Torrent Shot

Light pierce damage to one foe 2-4x


40% chance to inflict poison to one foe

Crying Table Battle Strategy

Depending on when you engage Crying Table, you’ll have either three or four party members in the fight.

Akihiko becomes available beginning on 5/23 and joins the party at Lv. 12. As a boxer, he uses strike attacks for his physical moves and uses electric as his element of choice.

His skills aren’t necessarily good against Crying Table, but he is another body in the party on which the enemies can focus, keeping their eyes off your protagonist that much longer.

Whether Akihiko is with you, Yukari and Junpei both do not have weaknesses to Crying Table’s magic, but this also means their attacks only do a normal amount of damage.

This is why we suggest leaving the bulk of the damage dealing to your protagonist.

Equipping any Persona that knows ice magic is the quickest way to handle this fight.

However, as we said above, be sure they’re resistant to fire magic as well, lest you take increased damage while trying to deal it yourself.

With three enemies on the field, it’s usually wise to focus on one at a time. You may not have Mabufu by now, which is the first multi-target ice attack, but if you do, make ample use of it.

If not, using the singular Bufu to exploit their weakness to ice and earn yourself a One More is still a fully valid option as well.

When all three go down, the team can perform their usual All-Out Attack.

And should your teammates fall victim to poison from Crying Table's Poisma attack, the teammate afflicted will lose some HP each turn.

Poison can be healed with skills (like Posumudi) or items (like the aptly-named Dis-Poison).

Keep focusing on the Crying Tables and wear down thei-Poir HP, and these mini-bosses will go down in no time!

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