Persona 5 Royal: 10 Beginner Traps You Need To Avoid

Persona 5 Royal is the definitive edition of one of the most popular Japanese role-playing games of all time. This is an immersive, expansive, and at times overwhelming world available to players. With much of what transpires outside of the story begin up to the player, it can be easy to lose track of what to focus on.

Those who are new to the Persona franchise may not know where to begin. With a game as long as Persona 5 Royal, making certain mistakes could cost players several, if not dozens of hours. Players need to understand what they should avoid as a rookie to Atlus’s magnum opus.

Palace Procrastination

Once the game gets going, you will find that you have several weeks to complete each palace or dungeon. While it may be tempting to put off progression, this is ill-advised. Head into the palace as soon as possible.

Making as much progress during each trip will take much of the stress off when you get stuck on a tough segment or miniboss. Once the dungeon is complete, Joker can do whatever he wishes until the deadline, so better to get the mandatory tasks out of the way first.

Persona Hoarding

Each member of the Phantom Thieves has their own unique personas that stick with them for the game’s entirety. All of them besides Joker. Joker has an ability that allows him to acquire personas that he encounters along his journey throughout the game’s dungeons.

By storing them in his mask, Joker can add enemies to his compendium. It’s important to keep gaining new masks as the game goes on. Try not to get too attached to certain personas, as experimenting with allies can help Joker move forward. Some personas may be intriguing, but the earlier entries are temporary.

Social Stat Neglect

Fighting may be a substantial part of the game, but the lives the Phantom Thieves lead in the real world are just as important. This is where Joker can hone in on his personal attributes on days where he and the Phantom Thieves don’t visit the Metaverse. Each of the Social stats can be upgraded to level five, and they all have activities that can boost them throughout the game. Take some time outside of the dungeons to improve the standing of these attributes by partaking in the following activities:

  • Kindness: Working at the Flower Shop, feeding Joker’s plant nutrients, cleaning Leblanc for Sojiro, certain books, and specific movies
  • Charm: Acing Exams, Bathhouse trips, certain books and movies
  • Knowledge: Studying, answering in-class questions correctly, and playing Shogi
  • Guts: Big Bang Burger Challenge, certain DVDs, books, games, and eating Surprise Sando
  • Proficiency: Crafting Infiltration Tools with Morgana, Working at the Beef Bowl Shop in Shibuya

Ignoring Confidants

Apart from upgrading Social Stats, Joker can also spend time bonding with other Confidants. Outside of the Phantom Thieves, there are several people that Joker will want to talk to when he has a moment to spare. Each Confidant has several abilities that will unlock at certain ranks of their Arcana, one of which allows Joker to head outside after visiting the Metaverse.

Those aiming to see all the game offers will need to make sure their Social Stats are amply increased. Many of these bonds require improved Knowledge, Charm, Guts, Proficiency, and Kindness.

Missing Mementos Requests

After completing the first palace, Joker and the Phantom Thieves will receive requests for lesser criminals in Shibuya. These requests will come in text messages from Mishima or certain points in Arcana links. To complete these missions, Joker will need to travel into Mementos and find where the troublemakers are lurking.

As Joker and his team take down more recognized criminals, they will unlock more Mementos areas with tougher targets. Though these can be challenging, they offer substantial rewards like rare items, skill cards, and money for Joker to spend in the games shops.

Only Using Certain Party Members

In many party-driven Japanese role-playing games, players can get a set of several characters that they like and use them for the game’s duration. This is not the case in Persona 5 Royal. Each character has a specific element type for their magic and a corresponding weakness.

As the game goes on, the enemy type will vary. This means that the right members should be prepared in advance. For example, if a hoard of wind enemies arrive, using Ryuji is not the best idea since he is weak against them. Take note of what adversaries the Phantom Thieves are up against, and use the members interchangeably.

Forgetting Persona Fusion

While grabbing the personas Joker encounters on his journey is important, fusing them to create new ones is just as crucial. With the twins’ power, Caroline and Justine, new personas can be crafted in the Velvet Room.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the combinations, as persona subsets can be saved with the duo. To acquire one of the old masks, talk to the twins and select them from the catalog. Be aware that both of these processes can be quite pricey, which is why having money is quintessential to Joker’s adventure.

Missing Out on Money

Between fusions, gear, and items, there will be plenty of things to purchase in Persona 5 Royal. The prices may start meager but will quickly increase as the game goes on. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways for Joker to stockpile cash throughout the game. Make sure to take note of the activities that can net Joker some cash:

  • Working a part-time job (Convenience Store, Beef Bowl Shop, Flower Shop, Crossroads Bar)
  • Selling old weapons, gear, valuables, and accessories at the Airsoft Shop.
  • Taking down tough enemies and finishing Phantom Thief Requests

Romancing Multiples Ladies

One part of the game that is entirely up to the player is choosing who to romance in Persona 5 Royal. With 10 separate options, Joker can initiate a romantic relationship with the game ladies once he has reached rank 9 in their Arcana.

There is an option to romance multiple ladies at once, but this is a bad idea. Eventually, they will find out that Joker is cheating. It will result in a situation that is as comical as it is embarrassing. Spare Joker the trouble and stay monogamous.

Having Only One Save File

One cardinal sin players can indulge in is using one save slot. Persona 5 Royal has several difficult moments in its story, even outside of the bosses. With so many tough encounters in the game, it can be devastating to find out that Joker just wasn’t ready for a fight, only to have no previous save to reload.

In cases like this, the player’s only option is to suffer through or reset their progress back a week in-game. Make sure that this doesn’t become a problem when playing by saving frequently and alternating save slots.

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